Big, Bad Bigot Donald Trump: A Long History of Bigotry & Racism

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Big, Bad Bigot Donald Trump: A Long History of Bigotry & Racism

Comprehensive Review of Donald Trump's Racial Bias‍

Donald Trump's legacy

Throughout the course of American history, numerous political figures left an indelible mark on the nation because of their bigotry and racism. Perhaps the worst one yet is Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. His presidency, marked by controversy and divisiveness, glares with his legacy of racial bias. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the unsettling legacy of bigotry that Donald Trump has left behind. From the moment he rode down his golden escalator in his Trump Tower shrine to himself and  announced that Mexico was sending us rapists and murders and “maybe a few nice people,” I could hear the moans of Anne Frank and her family crying out from their graves, “Listen to what this motherfucker is saying!”

Understanding the term "bigotry"

Before we delve into Donald Trump's racial bias, let’s be clear concerning what bigotry entails. Bigotry is irrational or unfair dislike or hatred of a particular group, often based on stereotypes or prejudices. It is a mindset that perpetuates discrimination and inequality, and has no place in a society that values diversity and inclusivity. Bigotry is literally antithetical to the values espoused in the Constitution. Fake bigotry, like Trump’s bigotry, not based on even irrational fears, but being used merely to score political points with idiots when Trump knows full well the wrongness, morally and factually of what he is saying, is a far deeper, darker level of evil.

Trump's racial bias: The early years

To truly comprehend the extent of Donald Trump's racial bias or how he learned the power of it, it is essential to examine his early years and upbringing. Born into a wealthy family in Queens, New York, Trump was instilled with a sense of entitlement and privilege from a young age. His father, Fred Trump, was known for his discriminatory practices in the real estate industry, which undoubtedly influenced Donald's views.

Fred Trump and son Donald were involved in a significant legal case related to discriminatory practices in the real estate industry. In 1973, the Department of Justice sued Trump Management, a company run by Fred Trump and his son Donald Trump, for alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The lawsuit claimed that the company had been systematically discriminating against black people who applied to be tenants at their properties.

The Trumps responded to the lawsuit by filing a $100 million countersuit and accusing the Department of Justice of defamation. The legal battle ended with the signing of a consent decree, an agreement that allows both parties to end a dispute without admitting fault, and this was the first huge failure in standing up to Trump against his bigotry we’ve been paying for this mistake ever since. Despite this, some housing rights advocates are still waiting for the Trumps to acknowledge the experiences of the men and women who said they were turned away by Trump Management due to their race.

Donald Trump's Public Statements & Actions Showcasing Him as A Bigot

Throughout his career in the public eye, Donald Trump made numerous statements and acted in ways that showcased his racial bias.

Donald Trump has made many controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants. Here are a few articles that discuss these remarks:

  1. 9 Outrageous Things Donald Trump Has Said About Latinos: This article by HuffPost discusses various controversial statements made by Donald Trump about Latinos, including his remarks about Mexican immigrants.
  2. Trump stands by statements on Mexican illegal immigrants, surprised by backlash: This Fox News article discusses how Trump stood by his statements about Mexican immigrants and expressed surprise at the backlash.
  3. Donald Trump: All the Times He’s Insulted Mexico: This Time article discusses various instances when Donald Trump insulted Mexico, including his remarks about Mexican immigrants.

From his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign announcement to his response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump's words and actions consistently perpetuated a divisive and discriminatory narrative.

Notable examples of Trump's racial bias

To fully grasp the extent of Donald Trump's racial bias, or at least to see his willingness to appear racially biased, it is important to highlight some notable examples. One such example is his implementation of the travel ban targeting predominantly Muslim countries. This policy, which was deemed unconstitutional by multiple courts, until the Supreme Court upheld the decision, was seen by many as a clear manifestation of Trump's prejudice against Muslims from seven majority-Muslim countries that barred entrance to the US for 90 days, which has been criticized for inciting hate against Muslims.

Trump's bigotry in news: Major headlines

Donald Trump's racial bias has not gone unnoticed by the media. Throughout his presidency, major headlines have highlighted his controversial statements and actions. In a meeting with U.S. lawmakers in January 2018, Trump referred to African countries, Haiti, and El Salvador as “shithole” nations. He questioned why the U.S. would want immigrants from these countries and suggested that the U.S. should have more people coming in from places like Norway. Trump’s comments were widely criticized and described as “racist” by the U.N. human rights office. Despite the backlash, Trump denied using the phrase “shithole countries” to describe these nations.

From his derogatory comments about African nations to his insistence on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump's bigotry has consistently dominated news cycles, further exacerbating racial tensions in the country.

Again, if Trump were just a stupid, ignorant, uneducated and racist man his feelings about people of color would be repulsive, but at least we would see sincerity and conviction in those feelings. This is NOT the case. Trump has demonstrated perfectly friendly attitudes and conduct in his business and personal relations with Arabs (the Saudi’s), Jewish (wealthy donors), African American’s (O.J. and Kanye) and anyone else who support him and especially anyone with great wealth. Watching Trump’s hypocrisy is like finding out that Hitler had regular dinner parties with wealthy Jews in 1944 where he happily handed out “Get-outta-death-camp” passes for the right sized financial contribution to his personal wealth. Trump’s bigotry is a suit of clothes he wears as part of his tough guy brand and it is impossible to know how much of it is genuine, and how much a show to seize the cold hearts and tiny minds of his MAGA, racist, moronic followers.

Trump's anti-woke stance: An Analysis

Another aspect of Donald Trump's racial bias is his staunch opposition to the so-called "woke" culture. Trump has often dismissed discussions on systemic racism and inequality, claiming that it is a ploy by the left to divide the nation. He denied the existence of systemic racism saying, “I don’t believe that” in response a reporter asking his stance on the issue. In September 2020, Trump made a request to the Office of Management and Budget to halt workplace anti-racism training accusing the practice of being “anti-American propaganda.” Later, he issued an executive order for federal contractors to cease this so-called propaganda. Trump’s voice was noticeably absent from nationwide discussions on racism following the death of George Floyd.

This anti-woke stance has resonated with a significant portion of his supporters, further perpetuating a narrative that disregards the experiences and struggles of marginalized communities. But again, Trump may be merely giving permission to his racist, bigoted followers to enjoy and feel good about their prejudices and conduct. How can we ever know what Trump really feels or believes? Like all malignant narcissists, if his lips are moving, he’s just as likely to be lying as to be saying anything he means or believes if indeed there is anything that truly matters to him beyond money, fame, and power.

The impact of Trump's prejudice on American society

The legacy of Donald Trump's racial bias extends far beyond his time in office. The impact of his prejudice on American society cannot be understated. From emboldening white supremacists to creating an environment of fear and hostility for minority communities, Trump's legacy has deepened the divisions within the nation and further marginalized those who are already vulnerable. According to Fording and Schram in their book Hard White, describe how Trump’s racial bias actually proliferated the “mainstreaming of racism” and activated “disaffected white racial extremists,” allowing racists, white supremacists, and other hate groups to stand alongside Republicans.

But is it Trump adding racist behavior to the USA, or the racism that has always been here boosting Trump’s willingness to support it for votes and profit? How easy it is to forget Jim Crow laws and the broad public acceptance of the KKK from our relatively recent past, lynchings, civil rights abuses, literacy exams and all other means of suppressing minority rights and opportunities. All these crimes of bigotry and hate preceded Trump’s ascension to power. How could you ever know for sure how much Trump made us or we made him? And what better way to make sure we forget this shameful past than to push the banning in education of Critical Race Theory in the name of its “divisiveness,” as if by pretending systemic racism never existed we can wipe away any future of it.

Pushback and criticism: Responses to Trump's racial bias

Donald Trump's racial bias has faced significant pushback and criticism from various quarters. Activists, politicians, and citizens alike have spoken out against his discriminatory policies and rhetoric. Movements such as Black Lives Matter have gained momentum, striving to combat the racial injustices exacerbated under Trump's presidency.

Reflecting On Trump's Unsettling Legacy of Bigotry

Donald Trump’s use of bigotry for political and financial purposes exposes the history of prejudice still deeply embedded in our culture. He is not to blame for the legacy of bigotry, but he has been a champion of exploiting our prejudices, fears, and dark souls for what we are, a society still struggling towards if not a more perfect union, at least a coming together in a culture of fairness and justice. The great gift of Trump, his legacy has been a reminder, in stark inescapable terms, of where we have come from and what we must do to keep moving forward. In the end, Trump’s bigotry will fail because it is stupid and ineffectual, evolution shows that what enhances survival stays, what inhibits it becomes extinct. Tyrannosaurus Trump never had any real teeth in his bite, just a big, loud noisy roar that appealed to small-minded creatures scurrying around in their own worlds of dark, dirty fear and powerlessness.

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