Contentment Is Not Only About Aging, But It Can Be About that Too

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Contentment Is Not Only About Aging, But It Can Be About that Too.

How does anyone be sanguine in these times?


Used to be
almost profanity to me.
To say it, feel it,
think about it,
and to accept it
implied a giving-up.

When one is young
it’s not contentment
that drives us.

Add to this,
the increasing madness
and bullshit of our times
and finding even a small taste
of satisfaction and happiness
becomes quite a challenge.

But that’s changed
and this change came about
despite the world,
and slowly,
over the years.

I still dream grand schemes
of immortality
and greatness,
total happiness,
fame and fortune;
but time and age
have created a wide space in me
for satisfaction and contentment
in the moments/things/the time
I have left.

My 75th birthday is only a few weeks away,
many of my writing mentors
died before that year of their lives.

Relishing the present
when a moment
is not full of pain,
and even when pain is present
I have the ability, now,
to sustain my recollection
of those soft, gentle times
that make being alive
worth the trouble:
a happy hour full of laughter,
a breeze blowing lightly
through the trees.

One day maybe
I’ll unravel whether these moments
provide contentment
or contentment provides these moments.

But for now, and I hope for always,
whichever way that trail runs,
I’ll just be glad to be on it.

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