Crypto-Currency Explained, Finally

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Crypto-Currency Explained, Finally

Timing in life is everything except for those things that it is not 

Here’s the deal;
I know almost nothing
about investing and saving:
about what precisely
makes up a good derivative
a sound multilateral approach
to balancing my portfolio
on the head of a pin.
I’m being told
that if I put
2/3’s of a million $
into the purchase
of, let’s say Bitcoin,
or maybe a brand
spankin’ NEW
let’s call it Brian’s Billionaire Fundification
that the 2/3rd’s of a million
can easily become
with a fuckin’ capital “B”
So I can be just like
Trump used to be,
and like Bloomberg
and Jeff and Elon, still are —
It’s all simply a matter
of timing —
Changing the money over
at a time of crypto-currency low
and cashing it out at a time
of flourishing crypto-currency high.
Easy-peasy, huh?
Pyramid schemes are about
the promise of sudden great wealth
for doing nothing but taking a bit of risk.
So’s playing the stock market.
So’s rolling dice at a casino.
By handing all my life savings over
to Brian and/or Bitcoin
and rolling the dice. . .
oops . . .
I mean picking the right timing.
I can become super-rich
while doing nothing else.
What could be easier?
Timing is everything
in investing, gambling,
meeting cons, being conned,
and the less you understand
about what’s happening to you
the smarter and better you feel
when the dice come up right
or you sell your crypto
at the perfect moment.
Every game is rigged.
And that’s really all you need
to know about Crypto-Currency.
Explained, finally.

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Photo by Jievani Weerasinghe on Unsplash

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