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It’s okay GOP, I’m not a particularly good sport about losing either...

So, at poker last night, Mikey accidentally dealt 4 cards to two of the players and 3 cards to the rest of us.

This wasn’t noticed until the end of the hand when one of the guys with 4 cards and me with 3 cards were left and the betting was finished.

The guy with 4 cards, naturally, had a far better chance of making a winning hand than I had, not even accounting for the fact that I’m by far the shittiest player of the group.

One of the great gifts of COVID-19 is I can finally quit playing poker with these much-beloved pack of idiots once and for all (but I digress).

So indeed, and of course, the guy with the big advantage won.

But, again, the 4 cards vs 3 cards wasn’t noticed until then.

I got angry and yelled and made a big fuss (not exactly unusual behavior for me, I’m sorry to say) even after this mess was all rather unsatisfactorily settled by my sense of it.

Mikey and I argued back and forth, rather good-naturedly but with an edge of combativeness.

Finally, we stopped bringing it up.

I’m sure that there are several giant points of ethics, epistemology, character and personality traits and disorders available for a smart enough poet to examine in this fiasco.

All I’ve got for you is that fairness and righteous indignation don’t always prevail in life ... but often enough they DO! You want a bigger lesson than that? You wish you had a poet who could explain how we can make the world better and more loving and forgiving and just?

Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, that poet ain’t me.

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