Fame, Wealth and Glory on Medium...Okay, Maybe Not so Much

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Fame, Wealth and Glory on Medium . . . Okay, Maybe Not so Much

Whether you’re trying to make big bucks or not. We’d all like a lil’ appreciation, right?


Sorry to say
But we mustn’t
have any more
pics of poets and authors
staring pointedly into our faces
with images
of them
standing or sitting,
always dramatically,
as if in some moment
of temporary repose
from their great
feelings and thoughts,
they are deigning to offer us
a brief glimpse of their depth
and significance.
This posting, by me here and now
is not because
I’m old I don’t look so hot
in such pics any longer.
Nor because
nobody is taking
or wanting to take such
photos of me…
at least,
I don’t think that is
my primary motivation.
never mind…
right profile please,
that’s my good side.


A collection,
4 across by 4 down
of poets I don’t recognize
in a collage
tinted green.
All of them look
so self-satisfied,
And the worst of this?
I’m jealous
that I’m not included
which makes me want to go
all Bukowski/Don DeLillo/Thomas Pynchon
on the world
and teach everybody
how important I am!
And this would prove, of course,
How consequently sublime
my work must be.

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image courtesy of author’s pics (taken by Sonja Sones)

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