Follow-up on Serious Inelegance

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Follow-up on Serious Inelegance

A disaster of my own making

This will be my second and likely final effort to write a nasty wrong committed by me here, not long ago. The piece below speaks for itself and I share it again b/c my shame is genuine, my embarrassment lingering, and my worry for the young woman who suffered at, and from, and by my moment of indiscretion continues to ghost me. Her choice in doing so is totally understandable and only one more moment in my lifelong history of fucking-up personal relationships b/c of my over-active libido in its dance with my underdeveloped sense of propriety and empathy.

I mean, are you REALLY serious?

In a moment of foolish, old man out-of-his-fuckin’-mind idiocy I jokingly, (I swear to Christ it was meant to be funny) suggested to a young, writer friend (yes, young, but an adult, married and everything) who looked that she send me a pick her herself topless, like my Twitter pal Kore Goddess had gifted to me as easily and naturally as can be —

Of course, Kore does work in the Sex industry.

Well, let’s just say that it didn’t go well. Not well at all. My young busty correspondent angrily cursed me out and then dropped me like a palm fulla puke.


You bet her ass, seriously!

#MeToo is a fuck of a long way away from dead or over, seriously. And in many ways I know it’s necessary and in some ways, it’s kinda shitty for old-school horndogs like me.

Lesson learned — and my sincere apology — seriously.

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