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Headlines from our political world read like surrealist, dada madness — the stories suggest, “We’re all fuckin’ NUTS, and there is no hope left for any of us — if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!” 

‘Let the games begin’: Legal experts say new sedition charges prove a coup and insurrection on Jan. 6.

Been awhile since I've had a chance to use one of these headlines as damning proof of the fucked-up idiocy of ‘Merica’s far right asshole-ism — but here we are. Conspiracy to commit sedition. “But her emails!!!” “Obama’s a Manchurian Kenyon POTUS!!!” “We don’t need no stinkin’ vaccine or mask!!!” Indeed, let the fuckin’ games begin!!!!!

Trump fan hopes jailhouse friendship with R. Kelly will convince sentencing judge to go easy on him.

So if a lot of our ‘viewings” here on Medium are spun via algorithm buzz words, how can one miss with (TRUMP) and (R.KELLY) as A.I. attention grabbers? On the other side, as a moral consideration, one might ask, just how much is an increased # of viewings for rolling around in media filth worth to you? Trump and R. Kelly and an insurrectionist all together around your festive holiday table, what could possibly go wrong? Happy fuckin’ Thanksgiving, folks.

Capitol rioter ‘Baked Alaska’ busted again — thanks to his own videos.

Okay, I’ve narrowed my white supremacist nickname list down to two finalists Top Gun or Baked Alaska — it’s a tough call but I gotta go with Sarah Palin country. While finishing this the news just flashed: Rittenhouse, not guilty on all counts! Whata’ fuckin GREAT county! Kill libtards for fun. For more: Kyle Rittenhouse verdict makes it very clear, it’s open season, year-round, on liberals. | by Terry Trueman | Nov, 2021 | Medium

Marjorie Taylor Greene warns of ‘civil war’ over Biden’s agenda: People will pay ‘the price of blood’.

One can’t ask a “serious” question about anything this woman says, but if I could, I’d ask her what she thinks the body-count might be in this new Civil War Fascists vs The Rest of US? BTW, 627K folks died in the first big episode, 1860–1865.

Steve Bannon comes unhinged on podcast after surrender to FBI: ‘This is the war that they’ve brought to us!’

This fuckin’ idiot can’t decide whether he’s Hitler or Goebbels? The Lone Ranger or Tonto? Starsky or Hubble telescope? Only that fascism is his favorite flavor sprinkled with violent racism on top. Prison orange coming yer way soon, you disgusting, smelly, obese Nazi Grunge-weasel.

Are Trump and his associates guilty of mass murder?

“Mass” murder may be a bit of a stretch, (And very well, may NOT be). I mean, the global pandemic was gonna kill some people. But unless you are sure that Trump and his idiots aren’t responsible for a single death by what they did and failed to do — well, regular old murder would have to be on the table alongside negligent homicide, manslaughter and lots more “kill you b/c we don’t give a fuck” Charges.

Lauren Boebert jokes about bringing explosives to Capitol building to destroy metal detectors.

You know, you kinda wanna get mad at her, but you just can’t, b/c like Marjorie T. Green & Matty Gaetz, & even The hilarious “Tomahawk-chopping” Tangerine Imbecile his tiny-handed self, they’re all just so fuckin’ Adorable!

Anti-masker gets punched in the face after shoving fellow customer during angry tirade.

Just click on the title, scroll down to the video and watch. If Schadenfreude can kill, prepare to die!

Charlotte family in shock after conservative neighbor targets them with Nazi sign — then gives ‘wild excuse’ to cops.

If we approach this story not as much about the “political” as simply being about “language usage,” we realize that the neighbors, planting the Nazi stuff as an anti-BLM statement, think only: Nazi=bad/wrong/evil and more importantly, Nazi=Not me/us. They have zero idea that Nazi=Fascism and that Antifa=Antifascist is the essence of Anti-Nazi. Without an understanding of the basic definitions, denotations and connotations of the words we use, we are lost.

‘Devastating news!’ Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down after Georgia court denies election audit.

I’ll be 74 years old in December, I was raised on Bogart, Cagney, John Wayne and lots of other manly men slapping women around which I know is bad and wrong, so I don’t wish I could punch this woman right in the face, which if I DID do that, she’d beat the shit outta me, anyway, and I’d go to jail. But, if I was her daddy, she’d be spending lots of time in her room, alone, in permanent “time-out.”

Pro-Trump ‘wackos’ tapped to replace Michigan election officials who certified Biden’s victory

Some people want to label Antifa “terrorists.” All my life I’ve hated fascists And now I live in an empire Recently ruled By an orange clown who either had No idea what fascism is Or is as evil as he actually seemed. (I’m betting on the latter!) And so I say Fight on Antifa, Fight on and never surrender.

Trump’s coup plot was worse than anyone knew.

This headline is misleading — everyone who was paying even the slightest bit of attention knew how bad the plot was. Malignant narcissists' never draw boundaries for themselves; they always push their agendas as far as they can and do whatever they can get away with. “Everything Trump Touches Dies” Bonus coverage: Hip hop manager offered pardon by Trump is still sitting in prison.

Trump is committing a criminal conspiracy in plain sight — and DOJ needs to take action: ex-prosecutor.

This. Is. Not. News. Nor, Even, New.

Congresswoman fires back after Tucker Carlson suggests she ‘loathes’ Christians.

The kind of “Christians” Tucker Carlson is talking about are indeed, utterly loathsome; anti-vaxxer, fascist, willfully and pridefully stupid and ignorant ass-hats. Tucker is their prince, Trump their king, Christ a confusing afterthought, thus tee-shirts espousing: “Christ died for us; Trump lives for us” Relax Congresswoman, yer on the right side of history. Bonus Coverage: Capitol rioter breaks down in tears as he pleads guilty to felony assault on law enforcement “Gee Tucker it seemed like such a good idea at the time . . .”

Now the GOP has a coup plan — and Steve Bannon’s ready to put boots on the ground.

The endgame of the GOP has become, get power and hold power at all costs, including the elimination of any form of democracy that hinders that goal and that reality. The first American Civil War (1860–1865) never really ended and the true reason for it, “Who’s gonna have power?” never ended either. The fight goes on.

Steve Bannon proposes ‘shock troops’ for the next conservative takeover of the government: report.

Coolest thing about Fascists and vampires; they never die or just go away, until you drive a stake into where their heart should be. Although I disagree, here’s bonus coverage b/c FASCISTS! Quit making fun of the Cyber Ninjas’ Arizona ‘audit’ — the fascists are still winning,

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