How Our Writings Lead to Glory

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How Our Writings Lead to Glory

Yeah, you betcha

A new big-budget feature film will soon be moving into production (we call this “Greenlit” in the industry, just in case you didn’t know that).

This New Big Budget Feature Film will be based on my most popular novel. No, wait, based on MY life story. Yeah, a movie guaranteed to make me way more famous and way richer.

This new, big-budget feature film will star a handsome and beloved figure from the world of big-budget cinema. And is almost assured, no, make that ASSURED of garnering a bunch of Oscar nominations.

This is because it’s being directed by one of the most FAMOUS Directors working today. And it will have an amazing musical soundtrack that people will be humming for years to come, no, forever, they’ll be humming the soundtrack music accompanying the most touching scenes, forever, seriously, FOREVER.

Yep this is almost for sure about to happen any day now and I gotta be honest with you, I’m thrilled, THRILLED I tell you.

Thank you, Thank you all very much. Thank you so much.


But Wait! That’s not all, not ALL by a long shot: because what I also heard is that I am going to be given a brand new AWARD!! And HUGE HONOR!! of the highest magnitude by former President Donald J. Trump.

This AWARD!! Will include a HUGE check (both the $ amount and the oversized size of the check itself, like one of those big publisher clearinghouse type checks, only much BIGGER!! Being HUGE!!).

This AWARD!! Will be given to me despite my steadfast loathing of Trump and deep disagreements with all his policies.

Apparently, Trump has told aides, from what I’ve heard anyway, that, and I’ll quote here, “This Terry Trueman guy deserves this recognition for how neat and cool a dude he is and for how sexy he was, back when he was younger and before he became sensitive and caring about women’s feelings.”

That’s the quote I heard anyway. The exact quote, which is why I’m using what we call “quotation marks,” around Trump’s words.

Again, this is simply a thing I’ve heard but I feel pretty sure about it because President Trump and I, despite our differences in regard all political matters, are really kind of the same in terms of our relaxed and easy-going attitudes towards forgiving ourselves for our past conduct, or I should say, for “allegations,” of past conduct that probably isn’t even totally (partially) true, and/or for what lesser men consider our sins, etc.

Stay tuned to this site for updates on this exciting totally true story and feel free to follow my fabulous career: the movie, the wealth, all of it, etc.

In these final few moments (hopefully) of Trumpian madness, it’s become pretty clear that we can say whatever we want to say about ourselves and anyone else: There are no facts; There is no truth, and thus/therefore there are no lies.

Whatever you wish to think/feel/believe, go for it, for instance:

I am the most handsome 24-year-old guy alive and every woman wants me and I’m frequently compared to a young (say 23-year-old) Paul McCartney only I sing and write songs so much better than he ever could and I have way better hair.

I bench press 850 lbs or so. Or I would if I ever lifted anymore, but after all that Olympic Gold I won in Male Synchronized Swimming, I’m taking a few years off to finish my astronaut Mission Specialist Training (MST: Porn guy in space, I’ll let you fill in the blanks on that one (or simply read some old Newt Gingrich interviews.)

Damn, This being just like Trump (and Newt for that matter) is fun!

Please don’t get all hoity-toity with me and quote “facts” about stuff. I’m a stable genius and I don’t need you or anybody telling me shit I don’t want to hear just because it’s “true.”

I mean, who says it’s true? Who can tell anyone else what’s exactly true and what might not be so much, you know?

Not me, that’s for sure. So just S-U!

And thank you, thanks so much. Thanks.

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