I Don’t Say This to Be Negative…

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I Don’t Say This to Be Negative…

But only to be honest

The American empire
is over.

Our recent elections
tore the mask off
the illusion that
the people who run
America and the imaginary
“Free world”
were concerned about

Some people in
were living with that
fantasy and illusion
but they are finished now.

The true
Imperialist nature of
American capitalism
has shown its
face and intentions.
Trump and his followers
gave the rest of the world
the finger.

And here’s how that works:
people being flipped off
tend to not like it
and plan retaliation
that is often
far more odious
and destructive
than the initial insult
they received.

For the 70 years
after WW2
The United States
was the only
power impacted
minimally enough
by that conflagration
to proceed afterwards
by other countries and people.

(Side note:
Russia/USSR lost 27M
people in that war).

So we got to tell everyone
we were promoting
“freedom,” “liberty,”
“justice” etc etc blahblahblah.

In truth,
we were simply looking
for new places to plant
and McDonald’s burger joints.

“Profit over all” is
built deeply into the American
perception of reality,
but that’s a subject for a different rant.

It’s over folks, The American Empire.
Maybe you won’t see it today
or even tomorrow,
but you’ll see soon
and undeniably.

Running the world was fun while it lasted.
Now we’ll see how much fun
folks have
when our power
comes to a much deserved
and ignoble

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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