I Looked Into Being a “Mission Specialist” With NASA

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I Looked Into Being a “Mission Specialist” With NASA

“Looked into” might be a slight exaggeration

But surely my interest couldn’t have been any more confusing than this young woman’s willingness to show off her acrobatic skills from a cage or jail cell. And what’s with her hair and gymnast’s outfit?

Can you spot the shiny eyes of the lion or tiger or bear or cannibalistic serial killer, hidden in the darkness of the upper landing inside the enclosure, contemplating how to turn this little blond Olympian into lunch?

Me neither.

But life is filled with moments of legitimate wonder and elements of absurd disequilibration, sometimes both at once. These are not mutually restrictive categories.

Tragically, I never made it to space.

Fortunately, I never got blown up.

“Life” you know? They oughta sell tickets!


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Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

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