I’m not a racist, but the trick is…

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I’m not a racist, but the trick is…

Watching Portland Athena

Knowing when my friend, I’m on your side
Showing when I lock the door and hide
Showing when I knock the poor aside
Slighting them, I mock the war and lied
Marching then, I flock to Portland’s side!
Nothing sends my Black true more and wide
Walking in blanc, nue Athena’s stride
Voting in, I rock Kamala’s side!
Fisting win, I jock the Biden ride!
Keeping then, my pockets full and wide
Keeping then, my flock es blanco pride
Keeping then, my stock is měi yuan tied
Knowing when my friend, I’m on your side
Knowing when my friend, I’m down for pride.

Just Weighing Separator

Nothing screams white privilege more than a white girl defiantly walking nude in front of police during a protest spurred from a Blackman’s death by a white cop. I question some white protestors, not for their motive but their understanding. Do they understand what they are protesting and why? It would seem obvious that a white person taking off her clothes to defy police brutality against blacks, unafraid of a nightstick clubbing, contradicts the entire protest narrative. Portland Athena clarifies the white worldview that sees injustice only from an externalized nature and never intrinsic. Many liberal whites see George Floyd’s death as an injustice but exclude themselves from that injustice, and not internalizing Floyd makes us prone to acting with privilege like Portland Athena. No matter how well-intentioned, her actions reveal the deep-rooted white privilege.

Just Weighing Separator

blanc nueFrench- white nude.
es blancoSpanish- is white.
měi yuanChinese (Mandarin)- US dollar.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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