Jan 6th Patriots Headline greatness, “Just kidding around! Sorry!”

Jan 6th Patriots Headline greatness, “Just kidding around! Sorry!”

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Okay, Maybe a FEW regrets.

FBI launches new front in arresting Capitol insurrectionists: report

The Jan 6th traitors face new fun and games on Independence Day, including loss of their independence Oops...just when you thought it was safe to go back to your Klan cookout — “I heard the judge, call my name.” You traitors are so Fucked.

The next insurrection: They don’t have the votes, but they’ve got the guns

Nobody wants another Civil War yet no democracy or republic has lasted longer than a couple hundred years. So we better buck-up and face reality. Here’s a sad, but fortunate truth in “Merica EVERYBODY has guns or access to them. A tiny gun can kill you just as dead as a big gun; ask Bobby Kennedy. So before you fascists decide to carry your Bushmaster semi-autos into a war with REAL patriots the kind who can actually read and understand and defend the constitution, ask yourselves how well your popular uprising is going to work out when the story below is equally true as the one in the title. Traitors...Oath Keepers turn on each other as they scramble to secure Capitol riot plea deals: report

‘Fred Trump would come out of his grave for this’: Former Trump Org execs speak out on company’s legal chaos*

It’s such a damned easy phrase to remember:

Everything Trump touches dies. Everything Trump touches dies. Everything Trump touches dies!!!!!

Rick Wilson titled his first book about Trump: ETTD. As for Fred Trump, according to most sources Fred was equally proud of his son Donald’s viciousness and fearful of it. Donald’s mother was quoted as saying that if Donald ever got into politics it would “be a disaster.”   All parents except for those rare freaks of nature who happen to be paired psychopaths or some other form of lunatics, do our best with our kids. It’s evolutionary and biological, we have no choice — but like every tiny fledging in a nest, every wolf cub in a den and every human being attaining a certain level of maturity and ambulatory competence, the day comes when they can make us proud, or like Fred, sending us spinning in our graves, doing 360 degree barrel rolls around and around and around and making no difference whatsoever in the conduct, behavior, and ultimate outcomes for a guy with zero compassion, empathy, or decency, a guy, a Tangerine Imbecile who everything and everybody he touches, Dies.

Disillusioned MAGA rioter demands Trump pay his legal fees: ‘This all happened because of you!’

So hey, Jan 6th Traitor your fearless leader has stiffed every working guy he’s ever been able to stiff and this includes concrete industry mob bosses, but he’s gonna drop whatever he’s doing and pay YOUR fuckin lawyers even though he doesn’t pay his own? Yeah. Cool. I’m sure this is gonna work out great for you. Go take another dump on our constitution, loser. You “didn’t do nothing wrong?” Yeah. You did. But you saved the best for last, a living, breathing, knuckle-dragging example of the truth that you fuckin’ Trumpers and traitors are as clueless as we all knew you are.

‘Biggest loser’: Critics slam T***p’s ’90 minutes of rage’ in Ohio

Lemme get this straight; so this morally repulsive, obnoxious fuckin’ NAZI P.O.S., whose most famous punch lines include, “you’re fired!” and “Only I can fix this.” is still holding rallies in the heartland where good solid WHITE folks live and he’s gathering crowds of idiots wearing his team colors, their eyes glazed over in adoration? Come on Adolf, it’s almost 1930 people aren’t gonna keep buying all this “evil Jew” nonsense.

‘We need Trump to go away’: Top GOP pollster sounds alarm over havoc ex-president is creating

Why they’ll NOT ditch the tangerine imbecile: ‘Merica’s’ enemies are always at the gate: Communism became Feminazis became Secular humanists became Sharia Law became Critical Race theory... We needed somebody to tie it all together into one big package of bite-sized, easily digestible bullshit-bits, that only a strong heroic gift from god (the christian god, mind you) could fix. We needn’t lose the idiot so much as seeing his idiot followers for what/who they are an unruly lynch-mob of assholes convinced of their rightness and righteousness, despite a lifetime of evidence to the contrary. The real tragedy is that none of these moral imbeciles are going anywhere, but round and round in their mad, mad circles, infinity loops of self-perpetuating delusion.

‘The arc of history bends toward disbarment’: Rudy Giuliani brutally mocked after court suspends his law license

ETTD’s says Rick Wilson, and boy is he ever right Everything. Trump. Touches. Dies. These little explosive outbursts of headline news, are so cathartic after so many years of Tangerine imbecilic madness, seeing the Quislings and moral idiots get there oh-so-richly-deserved come-uppance(s). Damn, I never thought I could feel this satisfied and contented, ever again, re; matters political. I wonder if Allende and Neruda felt this good in Chile, when... Oops. hold on a sec, I hear Caligula’s special ring on my cell phone.

‘Pivotal’ new video evidence released in Capitol riot investigation

Funny thing about video: the sound, the image, the real time proof of what violent traitors wanted, planned together and did. We’ve come a long way from Abraham Zapruder in Dallas and this time there’s no doubt whatsoever.

Trump-loving lawyers admit defeat in lawsuit against MLB All-Star Game move

With the most brilliant legal and moral geniuses since the O.J. Defense Team (side bar digression: This included the sperm donor for the Kardashian nightmare) who could have ever seen this outcome racing towards us? It’s like a high fly ball falling at increasing velocity towards the proboscis of the sun-blinded center fielder? Who’da’ guessed it? Not me, that’s for sure — Still, once in awhile even evil idiots lose a game or two.

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