Never Underestimate the Powerlessness of the Stupid

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Never Underestimate the Powerlessness of the Stupid

The woman in this picture won’t sleep with you, nor will any of her friends

And this is not solely because she’s
a wooden sex toy,
for your use and pleasure
in BDSM fantasies —

it’s because you’re
an Anti-vaxxer,
a pro-Trumpster,
some other kind of
Steve Bannon looking
fascist pig-creep,
an anti-science moron
who thinks Dr. Fauci is abhorrent
but that Rand Paul
is real smooth mover,
an open carry gun nut with a micro penis,
an idiot with bad credit
and no money
who nonetheless,
eats shitty, fattening over-priced food
purchased at shitty fast food restaurants
5 and a half days a week,
drives a pick-up truck
with huge, yellow
“Don’t Tread on Me” Flag
sticking-up outta the truck bed,
thinks whites are
superior to blacks
including bein’ better than that
Kenyan Manchurian POTUS
who was ruining the country
for 8 years by
wanting us all to be
miscegenation's homosexuals and
taking all our guns and
giving all our tax dollars
to ISIS and black teen gangsters
(b/c “what about black on black crimes!?”)
and baby-murdering libtards and such —

the wooden girl ain’t gonna fuck
any of you incel losers,
nor are any live action
versions of Betty White in her prime
or RL woman
who look like these:

Never Underestimate the Powerlessness of the Stupid

But on the plus side
Gallop says
there are more and more
of you pathetic losers
jerking one another off
every day —

so, yeah,
you got that goin’ for you.

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