OK, A Reminder of Recent Headline Shit

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OK, A Reminder of Recent Headline Shit

Osama Bin Laden’s Son Confirmed Dead

Contemplating how quickly the most important news stories in the history of the world (or so we’re told at the time) disappear from mattering to us much…

I remember when I saw
The headline,
Along with a picture of the dead son,
Reminding me of the college kids
Who turned out to party,
At the gates of the White House,
Loud and joyful and happy
As a lynch mob
To greet the news that
Osama (the daddy) had been killed.

Celebrating the death of our enemies
Always seems like a safe bet
For slow news days
Or during times of boredom and
Personal decay, Eg; at all times.
One quick question, though,
Are we sure that Osama’s son
(he doesn’t need any other name or identifier does he?)
Are we sure that he was an enemy?
Or does that matter at all?

It’s funny, the porno queens
Trans-sexual’s with big boobs and
Even bigger penis’s,
The right-wing nuts,
The ranting faux anonymous nymphomaniacs
Who claim to want sex 24/7,
Their pouty lips begging for it…

Cute little hopping goats,
Dogs in need of rescue,
And so many other
Twitters worlds,
Yet still the most shocking for me
Is OJ Simpson
(From “THE trial of the century,” Remember?)
Posting little clips of himself,
I think promoting Trump,
But am unsure b/c
I haven’t had the courage to turn
The sound on:
Just seeing him there
His mouth making words
The same mouth that said,
“Well, if I killed her
It was because I loved her too much.”
I dunno Twitter.
I dunno ‘Merica.

I just don’t fuckin’

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Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

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