Orgasm in Subtle Pastels

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Orgasm in Subtle Pastels

If you stare at her long enough . . .

Orgasm in Subtle Pastels

IF you stare at her, really STARE . . . for long enough, for a looonnnnggggg time. . . you can see her asking, “What the fuck is happening here?”

Same thing for staring and staring and indeed really STARING at our gymnast below!!!!!

Orgasm in Subtle Pastels

If you look at either of them long enough, STARE mind you, you will not turn to stone, you will not achieve some blazing orgasmic insights, nor will you understand women or yourself or life, much less any fantasies of divine wisdom, any better than if you’d never noticed them at all.

You just fuckin’ won’t!!

And yet you may begin to appreciate the truth that from time to time orgasm is attainable via light pastels too and that you must be more careful of what you click on based on a pic or a promising, attention-grabbing headline/title.


Probably not.

Then again, I’m not certain about any of this. The denial of death is some tricky shit.

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