Paul McCartney Played Here Last Night

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Paul McCartney Played Here Last Night

I didn’t go, but I’m thrilled just the same

Dateline: Spokane WA. April, 29, 2022

Tickets were pricey
but that wasn’t why
I didn’t attend.
I went to a Beatles concert
in Seattle in 1964
and indeed, I treasure the memory,
always have and always will.
I already love Sir Paul
as much as its safe to love
any icon/celebrity
(a person turned into a product,
for good or ill.)
There are actually people
who love Donald Trump
as deeply as I love the Beatles.
But here’s the thing:
There isn’t a beautiful garden,
a famous person,
an amazing sight
I’d pay more than $5
or walk across the street to experience.
This is how I want to be
and how I am.
Best of luck on your journey
to find yourself;
I can tell you from yada-yada-yada
that you needn’t kill the Buddha
if you meet him on the road,
but you cannot think that doing so
would be any different than him
not killing you.

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Photo By Eric Koch for Anefo - CC0

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