Preachin’ to ya

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Preachin’ to ya

B/c why not?

Don’t think of this
as complicated.
Don’t be tempted to
make more of it
than is right in front of you.
This is one of the few
Inviolable laws
I know/understand/want to remember
and that I cling to;
the only person you can ever change
is yourself.

This sounds and seems pretty obvious
until you face up to how often
you allow the opinions/actions and
your treatment at the hands of others
as a major determining factor in your happiness.
And how often have you tried to get them
to behave differently towards you
with a net result
of zero changes in them?

No one else is to blame for your failure
to do the things you must do
to be treated differently by someone else.
The only person you can
change/control is yourself.
If this seems too obvious to you,
because that likely means
you’re already doing
all you can to help yourself.
I’m just an old fart still trying to figure
everything out,
but this one I’ve got down pretty pat.
You wanna feel better?
Find every nook and cranny of
responsibility in yourself for whatever
shit you’re wallowing in,
and own it.

just wrote the preachyest fuckin
Poem (see above).
it even makes me sick
to hear myself sounding
like some old Grandpa Wisdom Asshole,
full of brilliant counsel
and grand directives —
So will you dumb fuckers just
start using yer own heads please
so that I can get back to
slowing wandering towards
my grave
and leave you as alone
as I would like to be?

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