Random is Not What You Think it is

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Random is Not What You Think it is

Especially if you like to use it constantly

The word
has a fairly specific meaning.
And the antithesis
of random
would be its
frequent use
as a substitute
for not having
the right language available
to you to describe
the myriad
events, objects, occurrences,
moments, and various other
to which you apply the word
that usage would be predictable
therefore, NOT random at all.

I’m “Just saying”
which also is a
hackneyed phrase of uselessness,
as is describing something sad as,
“Wow, that’s like really sad,”
when in fact,
the matter you’re discussing
is not a simile at all, is not
“like” that thing,
precisely that thing.
And by the way
this message is not
and if you’re tempted to
describe it as such,
you are, like, my target audience
my target audience.

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