Should, You Try LSD?

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Should, You Try LSD?

Hamlet had it easy, “To be or not to be . . .” is an easier question than what kind of human should you be? How great should your risks be?

Should you take LSD
Should you, if you haven’t ever?

Who can answer that?
All I can say
is that my life wouldn’t
have been the same
if I hadn’t taken it
and the life I likely
would have had
wouldn’t have been
the life I’ve loved
and the life
I feel has made a difference in the world.

Now the Manson gang/family
clearly had a different
then I did.

But most everyone
has different results
then most everyone else
with acid.

So, should you try it?
Should you?

For a decade and a half

I stood in front of
audiences of teens
and was often asked,
“Did you ever take drugs?”
and I dodged the question,
and answered in many ways,
sometimes cleverly,
often awkwardly,
trying not to encourage
kids but not wanting to lie.

So now, once and for all,
should you take LSD?

My answer is simple;

Just because it worked for me,
doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

So, should you?
Yeah, you should.



maybe not…

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