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Start Accepting Today As New

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Start Accepting Today As New

Writing Hope Only Returns Excellence

Some days I wake too exhausted to write. All focus centers on the workday’s dread rather than promise. That is the moment I stop and take a minute before rising from the bed. A quick, quiet period awakens me from preconceived notions sure to impact my writing. Not one word having been written means I am the day’s author.

Life’s badness instills us with false assumptions, and like writing, patterns a style for living — not a good one. Often allowing the negative to creep into our story removes the inspiration. Vexation infects, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy: a foolish way to start our day. Each day provides a blank page to write life better. Simply changing your view in the morning brings clarity, writing your life with new possibilities.

You can’t know fully what the day holds, but even knowing some hold miserable plot, all the more reason to purposefully reframe thought. Often, just changing our waking perception is enough, but why limit yourself when the day holds many chances to change perspectives? Ultimately, you are the author of your life, penning how you feel and act.

In time, change becomes easier and more natural. Don’t let your day master you because that state of inaction becomes easy also. In all things, scribe the better life. Open yourself to those possibilities and be amazed by what happens. Think different; be different; write different.

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