The Company You Keep. Trump fan hopes jailhouse friendship

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The Company You Keep

Don’t confuse the pic above of a vicious killer taking a dump, with John Travolta, the actor playing him.

*BTW, the guy in the Raw Story linked article got 19 months in prison to continue to enjoy R. Kelly’s company!
Considering viewings and our work here on Medium, including reading:
So if a lot of our ‘viewings”
here on Medium are spun via
algorithm buzz words,
how can one miss with (TRUMP)
and (R.KELLY)
as attention grabbers?
On the other side,
as a moral consideration,
one might ask, just how much is an increased
# of viewings for rolling around in
media filth worth to you?
Trump and R. Kelly and an insurrectionist
all together around you
what could possibly go wrong?
Happy fuckin’ day, folks.

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