The ‘Go-Fund’ Fetal Wedding Dress

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The ‘Go-Fund’ Fetal Wedding Dress

There is no limit to how bad grief can be

Fetal Wedding Dress

There is a woman
Who had a stillborn baby.
The way I see it,
Such heartbreak, such pain
Whatever she does next
Must be instantly accepted.

However, in reaction to her pain
She has started a
Go-Fund me account (or some such)
For the purpose of buying
Innsee-weensey wedding dresses.

In my cynical and disturbed mind
I imagine this could easily expand,
along product development lines into
little caps and gowns
And maybe itty-bitty football uniforms
And perhaps the tiniest
High fashion Nike athletic shoes
For dressing
Stillborn babies
And even tinier fetus’s
Because they will never
Have a chance to get married
Or graduate from 8th grade
Or play pee-wee or NFL football
Or experience the thrill of
Scoring the newest high fashion shit.

But the wedding dress
Is a real thing;
A real person
Doing this
And serious about it,
I suspect,
Out of the blazing madness of her pain.

If it helps her,
that makes it right.

And Buddha would say
Right purpose and right understanding,

For now and for her, anyway:


Until you’ve buried a child of your own
You’re never going to
Truly understand.

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