Universal Truths in Fundamental Bullshit Lies

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Universal Truths in Fundamental Bullshit Lies

The Golden rule don’t always work

I dated a horrible
sociopathic lunatic
for about year.

Yes, I’m a slow learner.
My friends hated her.
Her kids hated her.
In the end,
I didn’t like her very much either.

But I turned her onto
Noam Chomsky’s political writings
in those first golden days
of a new romance
and she has walked around
for the 30 years since then,
from what I’ve heard anyway,
anyone who
“Read Chomsky”
as though this is a
litmus test to
whether you are a decent, smart,
honorable human being.

This is the one and only thing,
I can recall,
about which she
was and is

Because it turns out that
Chomsky was and is
right about
pretty much

I must add this note to Noam,
Sorry we didn’t
believe you more fully
before the authoritarianism
of our lives today,
But I gotta tell you brother, we believe you NOW,
Even if your biggest
is a nasty nut,
and proof that loving you,
in some rare cases,
isn’t quite enough to make a crazy person sane.

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