When I’m Driving on the Freeway

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When I’m Driving on the Freeway

There are very few pure universals in modern American life, but there ARE some...

When I’m driving on the freeway
stuck behind
some geriatric
in a Subaru Outback
58 mph in the 75 mph passing lane,
I’m screamin’
“Drive it or park it!”
When I’m doing 40 mph
in a 30 mph zone
and some teen-beat-asshole
is tailgating me
I’m like
“Where’s the Fire?”
And then,
when I consider his age
and mine
(yep, I’m also geriatric
like the guy in the Subaru)
I sigh a little;
but then I slow down…
. . . to
29 MPH.

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Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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