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Trump’s ‘Winning’ Georgia Claim Quickly Refuted by Fact Checker: ‘Unhinged and Inaccurate’

Tangerine imbeciles never die they just blab away

First off I won’t say his name, you know who I mean, the Tangerine Imbecile.

Secondly, “fact checker,” somebody needs a fact checker to feel confident that the idiot is as crazy and full of shit as ever?

But most of all, by far my favorite part, is how his insistence that he didn’t lose continues to ruin his and his cult’s chances to move on in life.

Games are to teach us how to win or lose with grace and good humor and how to move-the-fuck-on.

It’s almost too delicious to watch this lunatic, trapped in an infinity loop of madness, get up every day and dress in biz suit and tie and keep spouting nutty shit to anyone who’ll listen (or anyone he imagines is listening.)

Whether he truly believes his crazy shit or not, he can’t escape himself.

I recall those final images on film of Hitler a few days before he blew his brains out, not exactly Leni Riefenstahl production values, smiling madly as he tapped the chins of the last defenders in Berlin: 10-year-old boys and 80-year-old men just outside his bunker in Mar a logo.

To such a big degree you ARE what you believe, stupid as that/it/you may fuckin’ be. So, For His Sake and Yer Own. Faith Belief and never forget who is your real boss  and finally please consider Christianity-causes-trumpism.

Ronald Reagan: launched his bid for POTUS in Philadelphia...Philadelphia, MISSISSIPPI

People forget that Reagan launched his bid for in the hometown of “Mississippi Burning”, look it the fuck up!

(This shit ain’t over yet, I’m afraid.)

Somehow, over the decades Ronald Reagan, a stupid, lucky, smiling Irish-American dope became a saintly hero to people blind to his and their own racist selves.

He was saying, always with his B-list Hollywood smile, that it’s ok to be racist and ignorant so long as you:

  1. Don’t think you are.
  2. Never admit it to yourself.
  3. Are too stupid or dishonest to even realize it.

We’ve been suffering the consequences of his “Welfare queens wearing mink coats and driving Cadillacs” bullshit, ever since. Ergo, we got Reagan Redux — a fresh new ugly madness in Trump 2016 —

And we’ve seen how that shit plays out in places like Philadelphia and Mississippi where the...

Lynch Mob Pleading for Mercy

Ever wonder how the “patriots” of the Jan. 6 Insurrection are feeling about now?

No one, or at least damn few folks, seem to ever look back at that Sunday night when they strung up that 15-year-old kid for failing to step quickly enough into the gutter to let some white lady pass. In fact, after the excitement of the beating and burning of the boy, after the adrenaline rush of hoisting him up by his neck with that old filthy hemp rope, most people go back to their homes, wash their hands with Ivory soap (99.99% PURE), and go to bed and wake up the next morning and head off to work not feeling proud or good about what they did the night before and perhaps even hoping that the pictures snapped by that newspaper guy won’t show them, eyes ablaze smiling, and pointing at the corpse.

We all make mistakes from time to time, even 15-year-old boys and even members of the mobs that murder them. Right, Mike Pence?

“A hitman sent them,” Trump as the Capitol riots began.

“A hitman? A fuckin’ hitman??!!”

Hey fellow MAGA’s, let’s pretend we have no idea what this guy’s talking about.

Let’s pretend that the guy who hired the hitman who hired the lunatic rioters, wasn’t a Tangerine Imbecile with a bizarre fuckin’ haircut! what?

Trump shunned by major GOP donors because he’s wasting their money on ‘a campaign of divisiveness’: report.

Trump Loses Support of Major GOP Donors Over ‘Campaign of Divisiveness’

Oh yeah, these major GOP “donors” are pretty shook-up to see their Tangerine Imbecile being “divisive.”

And my dick is 36 inches long and Big Macs are good for you. Gimme a fuckin’ break!

The best thing is seeing T***p dressing up in his horrible-looking power suits and stupid neckties pretending/imagining that he matters to anyone but idiot cult followers, searching for cyanide Kool-Aid.

Just ask anyone here prosperity-gospel-and-thou? or here: biden-s-trillion-dollar-infrastructure-plan-to-destroy-christians-america.

Senate Republican’s Blunder to Bring ‘Significant Consequences’ in Coming Year: Op-Ed

Regardless of how amoral and immoral today’s GOP, still led by the Tangerine Imbecile, appears to anyone with even the slightest morsel of psychological-mindedness, we’re nonetheless going to have to wait until Nov, 2022 to see just how far down the road into infamy and fascism our country is destined to journey. Bonus coverage: Capitol riot hearings will be ‘as bad for McCarthy and the Republicans as it can get’: report.

Pathetic Loser — Trump Mocked for Boast

He will make a significant announcement this week at his golf course — a rare moment away from rage

It’s a sadistic joy to think of the Tangerine Imbecile seeing himself described as a ‘pathetic loser’. And imagining him suffering horribly, all nattily attired in his white golf get-up, sweating like a ‘warthog in heat’ as he prepares to launch into significant remarks regarding himself.

But here’s the rub, I’m afraid sadism is perilously close to perversion “the erotic form of hatred.”

This is NOT to say that every participant in every BDSM get together is necessarily ‘sick’ (maybe so, maybe not in any event, if they are all adults, there voluntarily, it’s simply their business).

The point is, however, that I hate most the bad parts of myself that I see in others: in T***p it’s his arrogance, pride, egomania, uncontrolled self-centeredness, all qualities I recognize only too well.

I would much prefer to just find these sub-optimal features only in the other than to go through the pain of owning my cruelty, anger, hurt and self-loathing.

But the facts are: Sometimes I’m pathetic. Sometimes I lose.

Only when we step fully forward and own our perversions can we escape the never-ending villainy we revile so deeply in the other.

Don’t enjoy the agony of this particular ‘pathetic loser’ you say?!


I didn’t say this was gonna be easy.

Bonus Headline, b/c all of the above, is easier said than done:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked for Small Parade Turnout: ‘Only 10s of People Came’

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