MAGA Psychos: How Stupidity & Christianity Produced Mini-Trumps

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MAGA Psychos: How Stupidity & Christianity Produced Mini-Trumps

Trump’s shared Psychosis is destroying the fabric of society

Remember, the same society and highly advanced culture that gave the world Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Einstein, Goethe, Hesse, Wittgenstein, and countless more genius, artists, thinkers, and amazing human beings, also gave us Adolph Hitler.

But more importantly, that culture gave us Hitler’s 90% plus popularity and support from German-speaking peoples (Germany, Austria, parts of Poland, and Czechoslovakia). Right up until his death, his people revered and loved Hitler.

Similarly, the same great nation that produced Martin Luther King, also provides serial killers in abundance. Today, America (and, BTW, English is a Germanic language) is an empire and it was led for four mad years by our own homegrown Malignant Narcissist psychopath

He is not our problem.

Jesus feeds the GOP serial killers.

Our problem is his followers, the deepest core of them, who stick with him until he is destroyed and many will stay with him even if he is justly imprisoned. Even worse are the psychopaths that arise to assume leadership positions following his cult Christian Nationalist Religion – MAGA.

I am right about this.

Truth is truth. Facts are facts. Things unfolding become things that have unfolded and become part of our world, indisputably and forever.

Hitler was Hitler. The Tangerine Imbecile will always be who he is and has always been.

There is no basement in the pizza place in D.C. that allegedly had a child rape and torture ring in its basement.

Nobody likes to be called stupid and crazy. Anyone STILL a Trump supporter is stupid and/or crazy, and they are legions.

I’m not sorry to say it to them. I’m only sorry that they won’t hear it and know and feel its truth.

Matt Gaetz’s week just got way worse

Quick question here...

How the fuck can Matt Gaetz keep having “way worse” weeks than the one he had before or the one before that? Seriously, how does he do it?

He’s like a human “Storm of the century” that happens every fortnight; he’s the personification, in guilty-defendant from, a “Trial of the Century,” being conducted twice a month.

“Matt Gaetz’s week just got way worse”?

Oh, do tell — I’m dying to hear you explain this shit!

Regarding the image above of the ancient coffin waiting for God-only-knows-who, I am not saying that I wish for Gaetz’s death. I neither wish for that or against it. I don’t care about his life and therefore how and why should I care about his death?

If, however, we’re only as healthy as our secrets I suspect Matty-boy has a lot of secrets that he hopes to keep and that the worst of these are the ones he keeps from himself —

Nobody can seem to be as big a jerk as he does and be “just fine” inside their heart and spirit. And when every week you are alive is worse than the one just before it which was already real bad, well, you do the math on that shit.

Have a nice day Matt Gaetz; don’t worry about saying thanks, it’s not like I mean it.

Are Trump and his associates even smart enough to be guilty of mass murder?

“Mass” murder may be a bit of a stretch, (And very well, may NOT be). I mean, the global pandemic was gonna kill some people. But unless you are sure that Trump and his idiots aren’t responsible for a single death by what they did and failed to do — well, regular old murder would have to be on the table alongside negligent homicide, manslaughter and lots more “kill you b/c we don’t give a fuck” Charges.

‘This is INSANE’: GOP’s Thomas Massie dares Capitol police to arrest his staffers.

Kentucky Congressman

You have to go to this site and look at this guy’s picture to understand, in the deepest part of your soul how much of present-day Republican identity is formed by never really quite “making it” in h.s. and never realizing this truth and therefore never being able to fix it.

Meghan McCain exits ‘The View’ but may have tainted it forever.

I once had a dream about an orgy where Meghan and Rachel Maddow and I were all together ... You wanna talk “tainting,” try some of that shit P.S. NOTHING about “The View” could possibly be “forever.”

Matt Gaetz critics stunned after he posts ‘creepy’ photo of his fiance sleeping

The more we see and hear about this guy the creepier and sicker he appears to be.

He’s one of these classic narcissists with zero insight into how he comes across to others and even less concern.

In the teen movies of the 80s and 90s, especially, but still around today, there’s always a physically attractive guy with the moral compass of an idiot (and that is an insult to well-intentioned idiots). He’s a guy who can’t and doesn’t get it; you know, that whole “right and wrong” thing.

And if da bitch complains, well, Matty’s got a lot of very embarrassing photos;

Always a good idea to get a marriage off on the right footing.

‘Devastating news!’ Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down after Georgia court denies election audit.

I’ll be 74 years old in December, I was raised on Bogart, Cagney, John Wayne and lots of other manly men slapping women around which I know is bad and wrong, so I don’t wish I could punch this woman right in the face, which if I DID do that, she’d beat the shit outta me, anyway, and I’d go to jail. But, if I was her daddy, she’d be spending lots of time in her room, alone, in permanent “time-out.”

Mary Trump: Uncle’s humiliation after losing caused him to push his ‘big lie’ — and it’s getting worse.

Just seeing his face tells you all you need to know

The Tangerine Imbecile, as a younger man, desperate for attention and ambitious, had a kind of ugly, sneering look in almost every photo of himself. He just looked like the kind of guy who’d cheat at everything. He picked golf as his sport because it is the game that demands the most honor and integrity and thus is the easiest to cheat at and at which one can pretend to be talented. You walk around a pretty green space with other, mostly rich guys and much of the time it’s solely your honor that determines whether you play fairly or not. You can tell that Trump NEVER played an entire round fairly in his life. This is easy to see because,

Just look at his face.

He has never shown the slightest sign that he has any idea what fairness or cheating are.

Look at him now. Just look at him, his eyes, the curl of his lip and that thing he wears on top of his head — If you can’t see how wrong he is, get yourself some help.

Marjorie Taylor Greene warns of ‘civil war’ over Biden’s agenda: People will pay ‘the price of blood’.

Crazy Marjorie

One can’t ask a “serious” question about anything this woman says, but if I could, I’d ask her what she thinks the body count might be in this new Civil War Fascists vs. The Rest of US? By the way, 627K folks died in the first big episode, 1860–1865.

Trump Social Security official threatened to come into work after being fired — but the White House isn’t having it

Serious conversations work best when both parties live in the same reality

“You’re fired.” “No, I’m not.” “Yes, you are, yer fired.” “Nope.” “I’m fuckin’ POTUS; I’m the fuckin’ boss; YOU’RE FIRED!!” “You’re not my boss, and you’re not POTUS. Donald J. T***p is POTUS, still and always will be, and he’s my boss and my savior. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!!!” There are systemic difficulties built into being devoted to and blindly following a leader who makes up reality as he goes along, based solely on what he feels is best for him and what he most wants to believe. “Nu-uh. That’s just what you say, snowflake-libtard-stupid nose-fucker-head!” Sigh...

Trump-endorsed candidate knew she was in trouble after seeing mask-wearing voters showing up to polls.

And this was fuckin’ TEXAS mind you ... Oops.

Photos show maskless Greg Abbott at crowded Texas event just one day before positive COVID test

All too often the justice of this shit just writes itself

I would never mock anyone for being in a wheelchair anyone living with the
challenges of life from a chair has it tough enough.

The Governor of Texas, (fuckin’ TEXAS mind you) has achieved his lofty, honored position while in a wheelchair and I respect and honor him for such an accomplishment.

Next to the idiot-lunatic Governor of Florida, Abbott may be the worst offender of blatant, murderous political calculation, in his leadership around Covid, in the entire nation. And there is no shortage of candidates among GOP gov.’s for this distinction.

Suggesting that wearing masks is an issue of “personal freedom” and using the issue of mask-wearing (and vaccinations for that matter) as a dividing line to play on foolish people’s willingness to delude themselves into avoiding taking the steps necessary to stop the plague, is one of the most diabolical, cynical, and ugly misuses of public trust and a public platform I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

And now we find out that Governor Abbott, freshly diagnosed with Covid, has been vaccinated. Thus, the likelihood of his symptoms being serious, much less life-threatening, is quite low.

A reminder: Mask-wearing, especially when you’ve already been vaccinated, is to protect OTHERS!

How many in the room where Abbott was the evening before his diagnosis were unvaccinated?

How many true-blue Texas Republicans, (big hats, no cattle) will now get sick and give it to their loved ones and strangers, kids and old people because this is how plagues fuckin’ work?

How many of these folks much like the Sturgis “Born to Be Stupid” “Ride Fast, Live Forever” clowns will soon find out, the hard way, that if you’re NOT vaccinated you’ll likely have a very different outcome?

I suspect we’ll know, soon enough.

Steve Bannon comes unhinged on podcast after surrender to FBI: ‘This is the war that they’ve brought to us!’

This fuckin’ idiot can’t decide whether he’s Hitler or Goebbels? The Lone Ranger or Tonto? Starsky or Hubble telescope? Only that fascism is his favorite flavor sprinkled with violent racism on top. Prison orange coming yer way soon, you disgusting, smelly, obese Nazi Grunge-weasel.

Congresswoman fires back after Tucker Carlson suggests she ‘loathes’ Christians.

The kind of “Christians” Tucker Carlson is talking about are indeed, utterly loathsome; anti-vaxxer, fascist, willfully and pridefully stupid and ignorant ass-hats. Tucker is their prince, Trump their king, Christ a confusing afterthought, thus tee-shirts espousing: “Christ died for us; Trump lives for us” Relax Congresswoman, yer on the right side of history. Bonus Coverage: Capitol rioter breaks down in tears as he pleads guilty to felony assault on law enforcement “Gee Tucker it seemed like such a good idea at the time . . .”

Now the GOP has a coup plan — and Steve Bannon’s ready to put boots on the ground.

The endgame of the GOP has become, get power and hold power at all costs, including the elimination of any form of democracy that hinders that goal and that reality. The first American Civil War (1860–1865) never really ended and the true reason for it, “Who’s gonna have power?” never ended either. The fight goes on.

Steve Bannon proposes ‘shock troops’ for the next conservative takeover of the government: report.

Coolest thing about Fascists and vampires; they never die or just go away, until you drive a stake into where their heart should be. Although I disagree, here’s bonus coverage b/c FASCISTS! Quit making fun of the Cyber Ninjas’ Arizona ‘audit’ — the fascists are still winning.

Lauren Boebert jokes about bringing explosives to Capitol building to destroy metal detectors.

You know, you kinda wanna get mad at her, but you just can’t, b/c like Marjorie T. Green & Matty Gaetz, & even The hilarious “Tomahawk-chopping” Tangerine Imbecile his tiny-handed self, they’re all just so fuckin’ Adorable!

The Unwitting Sidekick

Critics Slam Susan Collins’ Capitol Riot Committee Remarks: ‘Embarrassing’

Yo, Suz, please just shut the fuck up!

Susan Collins has been a Senator for 24 1/2 years. It would seem as though she’d have some idea how politics has changed by now. Because the game has changed a lot since she jumped in. Collins is like one of those old covered bridges of New England, still standing, but teetering. Why is this woman, once relevant, but now deeply in need of a political overhaul and a sturdy new moral foundation, still relevant or useful in any way? Her seemingly reasonable approach is from a time way past her prime, So why is she still around? She always appears eager to find compromise and synthesis with fascist monsters to every political disagreement. She should be gaining more of our sympathy by her obvious increasing Parkinson's symptoms, (The Katherine Hepburn stutter, the Michael J. Fox shakiness,) so how come she is consistently one of the most loathsome caricatures of a human being, much less a politician on the public stage? She is a perfect target for our wrath and rage, her idiocy and willful ignorance of herself and her GOP colleagues is always in such stark relief. Why must we put up with her any longer? Take your time Maine, or anyone else who’d like to try and explain — Answer as slowly and fake sincere and haltingly as Suz always does. And again, take your fuckin’ time — and best of luck.

‘Did you actually tweet this?’: Lauren Boebert’s attack on Joe Biden blows up in her face.

To be real clear, what is it in anything you’ve ever heard or seen about Lauren, that would cause you to question the lack of insight, absence of ironic intention, or minimal level of I.Q., that could make you even wonder? MAGA, MAGA, MAGA!!!!!

Trump’s war on democracy is all about white supremacy

‘Mericans think they aren’t racist and that they don’t believe in white supremacy, just so long as they have never personally participated in an actual hands-on lynching.

It’s just about as simple as that. And just as disgusting.

Listen to white, entitled, stupid, fat T***p-sters and Jan 6th insurrectionists claiming their patriotism and “LOVE” of country, just so long as the country is ruled, owned and operated by white folks. Just like their blue-eyed baby Jesus and favorite Tangerine Imbecile says it should be.

Ted Cruz Downplays Capitol Riot – Not a Big Surprise 

We all earn our faces

Guns For Kids
Learn About His Guns For Kids Program

Maybe not “earn” in the traditional sense of putting in sweat and blood and equity tears to achieve some noble hard-fought for and much deserved reward.

So, there’s that kind of “earning” the karmically right thing.

Then there’s Sen. Ted Cruz and his ugly, sociopathic, utterly amoral ilk of faces,

Faces that come to them via a long life of lying, smarmy ass-kissing, and mad with ambition, mixed with denial ignoble intentions and flat-out horrendous conduct.

Look at the Tangerine Imbecile. Look at Rand Paul. Look at Ted Cruz.

Look at any and all of them, stare into their faces and eyes for as long as you can stand it, and you’ll see what I mean.

And if you don’t, never mind, you’re one of them already.

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