The Mugshot of King Donald ‘The Dumb’

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The Mugshot of King Donald ‘The Dumb’

A Touching, Soon-To-Be Iconic Photograph of a GOP Hero

Go ahead, tell me this motherfucker doesn’t look crazy, nuts, psychotic, in the old-school sense of the word MAD not meaning angry but loony-tunes, crackers, bat-shit crazy, etc., in this, his MUG SHOT!

Go ahead tell me your dear leader is a-okay, just a fierce defender of all you hold sacred: baby Jesus, the capitalist dream of MAGA and MAWA (Make America WHITE Again), a brave custodian of all your hopes and wishes, and the last possible defense against the black and brown hoards that want to rape your wives and daughters and grandmothers.

Take a closer look at those eyes. I mean, if this guy was a dog at the Humane Society can you imagine picking him to adopt? He looks rabid already.

We’ve covered this at great length before on this site, but really, as the chickens are coming home to roost and the cows are jumping over the moon or barn or what-the-fuck-ever it is that cows jump over, this mugshot of a madman is too precious to pass up. I mean LOOK at this guy! I wouldn’t lease or buy a gold-plated or solid-gold toilet townhouse from him, much less trust him with nuclear codes or a school crossing guard’s flag.

If you were related to this obnoxious elderly fuckwit, obviously pissed-off but goofy fuckin’ uncle or grandpa or next-door neighbor in your gated, well-armed community, besides trying to avoid him at all costs, wouldn’t you want to protect your grandkids and pets from his evident and rather scary madness?

King Donald the Dumb

There’s a pretty good movie The Madness of King George the 3rd, retitled for stupid Americans as The Madness of King George, lest they confuse it as the third installment and a sequel to earlier flicks. The film is a story about the King of England going through a rough patch when he was nutty as a fuckin’ fruitcake. We see him flying around his castles and estates dressed in nothing but his dressing gown, barking at the moon, and trying to rape chambermaids and ladies in waiting as though they were sheep to the point where some of his heirs and spares formulate a pretty advanced plot to have his majesty tossed into an asylum.

In the movie, the madness of the King is attributed to a blood disorder/disease called Porphyria, a discomforting illness that give’s one blue pee-pee. This diagnosis has been thoroughly debunked by modern methods. His madness now is seen as a pretty standard case of bipolar disorder.

Whatever the cause, the madness is securely a part of King George III,’s history and as he is the monarch who “lost the colonies” that became the USA, it’s seen as playing a pretty significant role in Anglo-American relations.

History becomes history over time, at its beginning it’s simply gossip or news. How it’s later understood and considered is written by the winners, for at least the first years of its existence. If the Nazi’s had won WW2, we’d all be reading history in German or Japanese and Hitler would be seen as a great heroic conqueror of all the evils of the world.

Today, a few hundred years after King George, we have another mad one-time leader who has caused great stress and damage to America and the world in general, another madman.

Glance up above at his orange visage and bloodshot eyes, at his caged, trapped and rabid wild animal stare. Doesn’t he appear ready to kill, to rip your heart out and eat it in front of you while tearing the heads off your children for fun?

The madness of King Donald the Dumb.


Almost Half of America Should have a Mugshot along with Trump

Stock up on film! We got a lot pics to take!

Nothing disgusts me worse than the enormous number of supporters this criminal had in 2016 and 2020, who not only believed his every word but thought he was a good guy for his insanity. Who were these supporters?

The Donald Savior

The majority of them were racist, anti-democratic Christians.

That's right. Christians, whether MAGA or not, supported this asshole, and many still do. Not only do these God-fearing Jesus lovers support him but all the sycophants who rose around his leadership. Like in 2016, The Hill listed 10 of Trump’s biggest allies on Capitol Hill, who were among the first to endorse him and support his agenda. Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), Reps. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) and Tom Marino (R-Pa.), Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.).

Then by 2018, CNN reported that in 2018, 85% of Republicans approved of Trump, while only 14% of independents and 2% of Democrats did so.

By 2024 Business Insider reported, as of February 2023, prominent Republicans endorsing Trump's 2024 campaign include two governors: Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Additionally, seven senators, including Ted Cruz of Texas and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have expressed their support. Josh Hawley of Missouri, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rick Scott of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama are also backing Trump. Furthermore, 13 representatives, such as Matt Gaetz of Florida and Jim Jordan of Ohio, are endorsing Trump's campaign for the upcoming election.

Some MAGA clones, like DeSantis and Noem, have thrown their hat in the ring for the Presidency. The only reason these leaders hold such confidence is due to their Christian supporters, who almost publicly yell the N-word, slap the woman with the C-word, tell Mexican and Asian jokes, or just beat on the immigrants, feeling supported in these profane acts by King Trump and Jesus.

I want to say that this is the sad legacy of Trump but in many ways he won, having given the dishonest, hypocritical Christians the great white hope they quietly awaited. No matter what happens to Trump, we can expect more of the vile leadership because there are plenty of despicable Christians to vote for these candidates.

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