Anti-vaxxer Republicans Pay The Price of Herd Imbecility

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The Price of Herd Imbecility—

The Development of GOP Resistance to COVID Vaccines

Anti-vaxxers are the Evolution of GOP Dumb

The anti-vaxxer movement that Republicans en-mass adopted when COVID struck, has a long history filled with stupid people and quacks enterprising on misinformation. This movement is a Republican phenomenon wrought from decades of the Jesus-loving GOP opposing anything intelligent much less scientific to keep the Christian herd voting properly.  

Why would anyone oppose the life-saving vaccines?

Well, as sad and stupid as the answer sounds, the GOP feels that your dying is less valuable than the economy doing well. They were completely willing to allow millions of people to die so work wouldn't stop or to not spend money on aid to workers. Hey, it's not just about the economy it's about people's livelihoods! Talk show hosts, podcasters, quacks selling snake oil, and anyone with an opinion and the ability to record it need to make money. 

That is just the price of herd immunity!

Don't believe us? Check out these stories puked from the headlines.

Nicolas “The Anti-vaxxer Crusader” vs. That CDC Guy

Stay-at-Home Social Advocate Tina Tackles the Issues On Facebook

Facebook Transcript

TINA, YOUR STAY AT HOME SOCIAL ADVOCATE, HOST: Hi everyone! Today, we’re live streaming what is sure to be an incredibly enlightening discussion concerning the dangers of vaccination. Joining me today is Nicolas “the anti-vaxxer crusader” who is leading the campaign to stop the compulsory vaccinations causing millions of children autism. His opponent, some guy from the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, claims vaccines are not dangerous. Let’s start with you, Nicolas. If you could please introduce yourself and give us a little background on your work, that would be great.

NICOLAS “THE ANTI-VAXXER CRUSADER”: Hey everyone, I am Nicolas, and I am from Ashland, Oregon. In Ashland, we lead the way in reducing vaccinations. I got involved in the anti-vax movement while I was attending parties and kept hearing people discussing how vaccinations were causing autism. A group of us got together and we decided to use some of the spare money we had from our trust funds to launch campaigns on social media and pass out vital information standing in front of Trader Joe's and other hip and socially responsible stores. Things are progressing well, but we still have a long way to go before we stop vaccinations permanently.

TINA: That’s amazing! You are so kind and selfless. Well, I guess we need to hear the other side of the story. Could you please introduce yourself, Mr. CDC man?

ROBERT R. REDFIELD, MD DIRECTOR OF THE CDC: My name is Robert Redfield and I am the Director of the Centers for Disease Control. I have been working in clinical research and clinical care of “chronic human viral infections and infectious diseases, especially HIV, for more than 30 years.” I came here today to discuss the need for vaccinations and the risks of not being vaccinated.

NICOLAS: Here we go…another guy with a rel="nofollow noopener" bunch of big words who is going to try to cover up the fact that vaccinations are causing autism. How much are the vaccine manufacturers paying you?

DR. REDFIELD: I don’t work for the pharmacology industry; I work for the CDC. You really need to stop telling people that vaccines are causing autism because it is not true.

NICOLAS: What does studying farms have to do with anything?


NICOLAS: You just said you don’t work in farmocology. It’s hard to take people like you seriously when you can’t get your words right.

TINA: Ha! Ha! Yeah, that’s dumb.

DR. REDFIELD: I said, “Pharmacology, p-h-a-r-m-a-c-o-l-o-g-y.”

NICOLAS: Damn that is sad. He can’t even spell the word farmocology correctly. And, he’s supposed to be telling us what is healthy.

TINA: Ha! Ha!

DR. REDFIELD: At any rate, vaccines don’t cause autism. We have decades of research that show that Vaccines are safe and have almost eliminated many diseases.

NICOLAS: Sure, Sure…I suppose we are just supposed to take the word of these “studies” and so-called “experts”. How do you explain the fact that in a study of autistic children, there was a connection between children who were afflicted shortly after being vaccinated?

TINA: Yeah, how about that?

DR. REDFIELD: You are both referring to one study that was performed by one unscrupulous doctor who created a biased study. The study has been discredited repeatedly and the doctor lost his license to practice. What possible reason would the CDC or any health organization have in covering up the cause of autism?

NICOLAS: Well money of course! Big drug companies make vaccines and then get paid by providers including the government. These drug companies would stand to lose billions of dollars if vaccines were no longer required.

TINA: Yeah, it’s all about the money.

DR. REDFIELD: That’s ridiculous! If pharmaceutical companies wanted to make money in that way then they wouldn’t create vaccines that work. They would create drugs to treat the diseases- not cure the diseases. Or, even more to the point, why wouldn’t they increase rates on necessary medications for people with common chronic ailments such as diabetes and heart issues in order to profit?

NICOLAS: There he goes again with using the wrong words, “farmer suit companies." What the hell do farmer clothes companies have to do with this argument?

TINA: He’s so stupid, where did he get those degrees?

DR. REDFIELD: For Pete’s sake! How can you people sit here and argue against vaccinations when you don’t even understand the science of pharmacology? You don’t understand the science of drug therapy and you are sitting here railing against it and endangering thousands of lives.

NICOLAS: How can you sit here defending the wrong companies who are clearly profiting from the sale of drugs?

Nicolas and Dr. Redfield continue a heated argument.

TINA: Well, there you have it folks. The obvious decision is not to vaccinate your kids. Clearly, the experts from the CDC have nothing intelligent to say about vaccinations. If we want to keep our kids healthy, then we will need to refuse vaccinations.

Thanks for joining me, and tune in next week when I tackle the problem of racism.

When "walk the walk" gets down to the naked truth!

WATCH: Father strips down to his underwear at school board meeting to expose the foolishness of anti-maskers

And the guy in the story above is a rel="nofollow noopener" Texan!

For a dad from Texas to strip down to his Calvin Klein's to make a point, unless he’s like me who’ll do anything for a laugh or attention and/or to stand up to authoritarian impulses along the continuum of fascist bullshit, unless he’s in my club of madness, he’s a pretty gutsy guy.

On an unrelated note I’m heading out soon to pick-up the groceries etc. from Walmart, that’s right, Wal-fuckin’-Mart, so I don’t wanna hear any shit about my blind obedience to purity-tested Antifa principles of justice, fairness and humanitarian employment practices. Walmart has excellent produce and very nice people, working hard to help us get thru this pandemic and to avoid having to walk up and down their aisles and see fellow exhibitionists exposing way more of themselves than anyone should have to see.

Oh where are the snows of yesteryear: E=MC squared.

Karma is not inevitable, but it IS possible

When you’re driving and you come across another driver being a terrible selfish jerk — weaving all over obviously either drunk or dangerously distracted, speeding and putting your and everyone else’s lives in danger and then, up the road a rel="nofollow noopener" mile or two you see that car pulled over and some big nasty looking Highway State Patrolman towering over the driver’s open window; That’s kind of the cruel, sick feeling of schadenfreude I feel at the thought of all these willfully ignorant self-absorbed anti-vaxxers yammering on about their “freedom” as they wait for the grim reaper to write them a ticket.

Texas GOP Official Who Mocked Vaccines Dies from COVID-19

When Karma nonsense becomes inescapable

Seriously, how many times have you wished over the course of your life, in some schadenfreudian moment of rage or disgust, that something bad would happen to someone who was doing bad things?

How come the universe doesn’t work, consistently and predictably, along lines of what “goes around, comes around” and “what you put out there will determine what comes back to and at and for you?”

Why can’t we depend upon a set of easily digestible rules, cause and effect, justice, fairness, a world understandable and reasonable?

Why? We ask. Why the fuck NOT?

Patti and I watch a lot of “true crime” TV shows on the Investigation Discovery network, all with warnings about violence for “sensitive viewers.”

And often, despite being philosophically and rationally opposed to capital punishment, about 50% of the time by the end of an hour long program, we’re all for killing (real DEAD) the bad guys who do these truly horrible meth-charged, sadistic, psychopathic unconscionably cruel crimes —

Too often it seems like there’s simply no justice in the world.

But stories of these anti-vaxxers, anti-mask creeps publicly and loudly exclaiming their fanatical views against taking precautions only to actually


following their insane rants, makes the rejection of the magical thinking attached to Karma, (which is clearly as nutty and superstitious as any and all other religious dogma,) almost impossible to maintain.

The beginning and the ending, the alpha and the omega, of the new ‘Merican “conservatism” is enjoying and delighting in seeing miserable, “The libs.”

If it makes the libs feel BAD, it’s GOOD.

Regrettably, in order to maximize this rush of giddy joy a rel="nofollow noopener" lot of these fascists have to DIE, apparently.

But, hey, I guess it’s just the “Good Lord’s way.”


MSNBC Doctor Says It’s Time to Restrict Anti-Vaxxers’ Access to Medical Care

Such a no-brainer —

If you won’t believe the science of the disease, why do you believe in the science of the cure? If you have rejected the science of being protected, why the fuck are you now asking for help from the same science for saving your life?

I’m not demanding perfect balance and justice or logic in all your beliefs. After all, you are a human being and thus capable of truly astonishing nonsensical bullshit beliefs, biases, magical thinking and pure unadulterated idiocy.

But in this situation, where your conduct can lead to illness and death for others, and where those others, infected by YOU might be forced to wait out in the hallway or parking lot until a bed becomes available because other idiots, like you and indeed, you yourself, are in those beds, either recanting your previously held bold testimonials AGAINST taking the very steps that would have kept all of you out of those hospital beds, or sticking, courageously, to your views right up until a rel="nofollow noopener" ventilator sucks in your last breath for you —

Again, seriously and with passionate and righteous rage and frustration, Let me ask:


It’s like assisting a mass murder to reload when his ammo clip runs out so he can get back to mowing down kindergarteners.

No, if you are refusing to be vaccinated now you will be refused ICU or ventilators later.

It’s a no-brainer.

How herd immunity failed conservatives: A former RNC spokesperson’s warning.

I suspect I am not alone in my unwillingness to
even listen, any longer to anti-vaxxers pontificate and advocate for their homicidal/suicidal positions re; Covid & Variants. This plague, this pandemic, is being kept alive by mumbling idiots on their deathbeds in ICU’s, and their ilk, taking up space that other non-homicidal/suicidal patients who did the right thing and got vaccinated and wore masks and socially distanced could be using to get their emergency appendectomies and their long overdue hip replacement surgeries.


The anti-vaxxer crowd reminds me of a few of the teenaged kids I dealt with on the road for a over a decade, (from 2001 to 2014). Many of them were intelligent and attractive and very good at argumentation. They were like varsity district debate champs: very convincing to their peers and to themselves in their articulation of their viewpoints. Wrong as fuckin’ rain, mind you, but impressive in their certainty, confidence, and bluster.

The biggest difference between the recalcitrant teens and the defiant anti-vaxxers is that the teens had very little power or ability to impact their or anyone else’s health and world. Whereas, the anti-vaxxers get to spread a deadly disease and keep the rest of us hostages, with gun barrels pressed against our temples, regardless of how hard we’ve tried  to obey the rules and listen to experts telling us how and what to do. As I said at the start of this, I suspect I am not alone in my anger, disappointment, frustration and annoyance at these fucking surly idiots and their absurd sense of entitlement, in their thinking that we should listen to them and hear them out and “respect their right to their own views and opinions.”

No. Wrong. Fuck off.

You will NOT step into my home.
Your words will NOT be tolerated in my presence any longer at all.

I’ll reiterate; Fuck off, teen beat idiots of all ages.

Because, NO.

Preachin’ at yer asses

Ignore if this doesn’t apply to you

I don’t like writing and posting preachy, holier-than-thou poems, in which I complain about all the horrors we human assholes’ commit. So, will you please stop doing stupid, evil, bad shit, so I can stop writing about you?

The Savior

This only applies to you if it applies to you (hint-hint):

Put ON yer fuckin’ mask.

Get yer fuckin’ shot.

Stop being a recalcitrant fuckin’ teenaged-rebel in yer own selfish fuckin’ mind, idiot-moron-dumb-shit!

I’ve received a very long response from an Anti-vaxxer to one of my anti-Anti-vaxxer rants.*

And the gist of “her” (? , unsure of gender) A message hoping for people to die is a bad thing. She’s mostly right and probably well-intentioned but Anti-Vaxxers and Fascists seem to me, TBH, to be almost the same. 

When the ‘Antivax Momma’ got arrested for selling fake vaccination cards.

Of course, this HAD to happen. Why go get a free vaccination that, thus far, has kept everyone who has taken it, out of ICU’s and off ventilators, when for only a few dollars you can get a fake card, thus lowering still further society’s ability to get back to life as normal by being able to trust this important marker in the fight against a deadly plague and keeping people from getting vaccinations? And by marketing via Facebook to healthcare workers think of all the love you’re spreading! Antivax Momma, you’re an enormous source of pride for the entire family, town and state! Not since Helga returned from running the Auschwitz After Work Daycare Programs has any mother been more deserving for what’s coming your way once these healthcare workers and other people’s elderly moms start dying thanks to your fake vaccination cards. Only New Jersey isn’t a Capital punishment state, is it? What a shame...

The ‘anti-vax family’.

Funny how a taste of a deadly disease can wipe out the noble cause of an entire family. One wouldn't think this necessary with the vast majority of sane people living all around them in the best state in the union. (Full disclosure: I live in Spokane, about 140 miles from their home in Kennewick, WA.).

Hospitalized Right-Wing Radio Host

He regrets not being pro-vaccine b/c his ass is still in the ICU, hanging on by a thread. On the plus side, all it took was his personal near-death experience to open his eyes. Fair enough, I suppose, but how many died taking your earlier advice?

COVID-19 claims the life of a Trump supporter who mocked the virus and refused vaccines.

These Anti-vaxxers jus’ keep droppin’ and droppin’. You don’t have to wish for justice to catch up with them — it just DOES. “Fuck masks! Fuck vaccinations! Fuck a lotta Pandemics! *cough...*cough...No I’m fine, MAGA, MAGA, MA . . .*cough...*cough!"

‘It’s too late for you’: Doctor tells the sad truth to COVID patients who ask for a vaccine after believing the pandemic was a hoax.

I’ve been talking some bad shit at people refusing to get vaccinated. I’ve gone as far as feeling they’re gonna get what they deserve. I’m sure I’ll get back to that soon; but today I feel shitty myself, bad enough to remember what being sick feels like. And my friend Jack Gurian died yesterday from Covid and old age. Reading the doc’s story above referenced in the title, helped me find a sliver of compassion for the idiots who keep this plague going. Death wins when we see one another as enemies and not death itself.

Them Vaccines is poison!

Them Vaccines is Poison

It doesn’t matter how fine a person you are in “most” matters. None of us are without sins (for you religious types) and flaws (for people who like reality). But the inability to spot false equivalency EG: “Murder and jay-walking, (samesies) and Faulty Parallelism, close enough to the same thing: Hitler and Obama, both were “leaders.” Can be a problem. I’m not even going to go into Basic Psychological Mindedness for Dummies, the ability to spot an insane, malignant narcissist from a plain old egotist: T***p vs Me. But here’s the deal if you choose not to believe science and get a vaccination, enjoy your funeral and/or those of the many friends and family you take with you.

Deaths of anti-vaxxers will probably have no impact.

What did you expect?

Money and death.
You can never know for sure if your money will last.
You absolutely know for sure that our time won’t.

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