Think Trump is Bad: Meet The Biden Crime Family

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Think Trump is Bad: Meet The Biden Crime Family

Trump Insurrection & Many Other Indictments Do Not In Any Way Equal Hunter Biden's Addiction Errors or Any Biden Family Indiscretion

There are two dominant styles of sick, fucked-up, developmentally retarded GOP approaches to arguing on behalf of MAGA and their tangerine Imbecile god. Both these styles of argument in a healthy person are normally abandoned in pre-puberty or at least recognized as flawed and useless by that age.

But remember in the paraphrased words of the great George Carlin, “Think of the average guy, half the people out there are as stupid or stupider than him.”

The GOP is the party of the stupid.

One striking form of this stupidity was seen by Trump in his very first debate against Hilary Clinton when she wisely and correctly suggested that Trump would be a puppet of Putin and Trump immediately interrupted with the brilliant retort,

No puppet...(breath pause)...YER the puppet. No, YER the puppet!

Stripped down to its most simplistic but absolute core and essence, this is called projection, a defense mechanism employed by smart people when they are children and by stupid people all their lives. When someone points out something unpleasant but true about us, we snap back that what they are saying is not true about ourselves but IS true about the person suggesting it “YER the puppet!”

Every time Trump gets hit with another indictment, the GOP attacks Hunter Biden and the “Biden Crime family.” Beyond the “Not a crime family...not a crime family...(pause) YER the crime family!” and the indictment two-step dance, the GOP keeps pounding the projection drum on Hunter Biden and the Bidens, which leads to my next favorite GOP dirty fighting tactic: false equivalency and faulty parallelism. This is often begun with the basic kindergarten technique of what-about-ism, “I know you are, but what am I?”

Trump tried to overthrow American democracy to set himself up for permanent power by breaking scores of laws and has been indicted for over 40 of these alleged crimes so far.

Allegedly, Hunter Biden used his family name to try and make money –



Hunter Biden was not serving as President of the United States under an oath to defend the Constitution.

Parking tickets and serial murder are not Samesies for fuck sake!

Yet if you click on any of the links below (I beg you not to, they are only used to illustrate the absurdity of this issue and they were collected over about an hour-long search of online news headlines).

But if you do choose to visit them, you will read about the evils of the Bidens, and you will never hear any mention of Trump’s problems. Further, you will be hard-pressed to suggest that the authors of the shit below have any idea that there is not an equivalency between Hunter Biden’s alleged misconduct and the litany of felony counts against Trump.

In no world but MAGA world, in no country but Stupidville USA, in no universe but the imbecilic fantasyland of today’s GOP hellscape, can anyone get away with such horrific crimes against man and nature as we see unfolding by Trump’s continued use of the Hitler playbook as he is using it now.

You're Not The Good Guys

No Matter How Much You Claim To Be

Republican Good Guys
Here's the Republican Good Guys

More than any other conservative trait, stupidity universally weaves this ideology with self-righteousness. Never has there been a mix of conflicting political and Christian beliefs. Worse than conflicting, this framework proves both religion and Republicanism absurd. The only possible conclusion drawn from this asinine conflation of absurdities is that both Christianity and Republicanism are meaningless and Conservatives are not the good people they believe themselves to be.

How could one possibly believe themselves a moral and loving person while holding such clearly contradictory beliefs:

  • Republicans think the government should not be involved in solving social issues. They believe that people should take care of their problems and that the government only makes them dependent and lazy. But this idea goes against their support for the government interfering in personal matters such as abortion, voting rights, immigration, and LGBTQ+ rights. Republicans have passed laws that limit the rights and choices of people and groups who do not share their moral or political views.
  • Republicans claim states should have more power than the federal government. They argue decision-making should occur at the local level and oppose the federal government meddling in state decisions. But this idea goes against their support for the federal government overriding state laws they do not like, such as environmental regulations, gun control, health care, and marijuana legalization. Republicans have sued or threatened to sue states that adopt policies that clash with their agenda.
  • Republicans claim the market should decide all economic matters. They say that the market is the best judge and that there is no need for government regulation or intervention. But this idea goes against their support for forgiving money and protection to big businesses. Republicans have given subsidies, tax breaks, and bailouts to large corporations and industries that they prefer, such as oil, gas, coal, agriculture, and defense. They have also imposed tariffs and trade barriers to protect domestic producers from foreign competition.
  • Republicans insist that religion and the belief in God are crucial for a strong nation. They say religion is the basis for their political beliefs and that the country should be governed by Christian principles. However, this idea goes against their support for policies that hurt the poor, the sick, the oppressed, and the environment. Republicans have opposed or cut programs that provide help to the needy, such as food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, and housing vouchers. They have also denied or ignored the dangers of climate change, pollution, and pandemic diseases.

Now, let's look at liberal beliefs that we might consider contradictory:

  • Democrats want fairness and equality in society, but they also back affirmative action policies that favor some groups over others based on race, gender, or other traits. Some critics say that this goes against the idea of equal opportunity and creates anger and division among different groups.
  • Democrats value the rights and freedoms of the individual, but they also support more government control of various parts of society, such as health care, education, environment, and labor. Some critics argue that this goes against the idea of individual freedom and choice and puts unnecessary costs and burdens on the people.
  • Democrats believe in the power of the people, but they also endorse the Electoral College system that chooses the president indirectly through state electors rather than directly by the popular vote. Some critics claim that this goes against the idea of majority rule and democracy and allows for the possibility of a president who does not have the support of most voters.
  • Democrats care about protecting the environment, but they also promote economic growth and development that may harm the environment. Some critics suggest that this goes against the idea of sustainability and stewardship and puts short-term interests over long-term consequences.

The liberal agenda is not necessarily contradictory but more so policy and belief balancing dilemmas. Balancing affirmative action with equal opportunity is NOT equivalent to denying entire groups opportunities based on the greed of individuals or companies. Similarly, balancing economic growth with environmental protection is not the same as denying climate change and dismissing the issue.

No matter how clearly you illustrate these contradictions, conservatives ignore and exercise willful hypocrisy to the point that even mentioning these conflicting ideas becomes trite in their minds.

Oh, ho hum, another person pointing out our contradictions. Yawn!

Practicing willful ignorance, conservatives have reduced their political solutions and religion to absolute nonsense. Their unwillingness to unravel their contradictions reveals them as the most immoral people since they are willing to let others suffer and all their goals benefit only the rich and businesses – those who need help the least.

They are not the good guys, despite veiling themselves in Christianity, and we should never entertain conservative arguments since they are not even cogent.

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