When Will The Republican GOP Nightmare End?

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When Will The Republican GOP Nightmare End?

Sued, indicted, and endlessly caught in lies. If you still think the Tangerine Imbecile is a viable, reasonable, and acceptable candidate or human being, much less an admirable leader, YOU are the fucking problem. YOU are as terrible a person as he is. If owning the libs is what you care about most, along with the power to inflict pain or to have him do it for you, fuck you, stay away from me.

All the Shit I’ve Piled on Trump Was and Is RIGHT

Nationalism Sucks

Trust me, I’ve been around long enough to know the Germans and Japanese had this Trumping for Jesus Patriotism and nationalism in abundance from the early 1930s to the mid-1940s. Following those years, we Americans found it too, for decades we’ve had to endure assholes ranting “We’re number 1” without the slightest answer to the question: “Number 1 what?” This shit has consequences like a nutty racist on the beach going after Asian kids petting his dogs, only our nationalism is supposedly good and theirs was bad and this is the story we have always told ourselves and the world.

Nationalism leads to the Racist, white asshat being charged with a hate crime.

GOP Political Nightmares Never End, Glancing Back & Forward & Seeing No End or Beginning

Illegal immigration as an issue is extremely exaggerated. While illegal immigrants take jobs, is this situation really a problem? The majority of illegals living in the US are not from Mexico. Many illegals are just people who arrive legally and overstayed their visas. The issues of illegals increasing crime, taking jobs, and causing other problems form more from prejudice than facts.

The Christian-dominated GOP continuously makes clear they agree, as their great leader President Trump said, Illegal immigration hurts Americans workers," claiming taxpayers are burdened, public safety threatened, and a host of other untrue statements. This is the classic use of Alien Conspiracy Theory which posits organized crime results from foreigners or immigrants bringing crime with them into a country. This theory is not true because many criminal organizations are not based on ethnicity or nationality.

Blame crime on foreigners because it couldn't be us.

Research shows that illegal and legal immigration positively impacts the economy in the long term because immigrants use fewer resources (because they are illegal and do not qualify for benefits) and contribute tax money to the economy. Furthermore, according to NPR, "Undocumented immigrants pay an estimated $11.6 billion a year in taxes, according to the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy." Undocumented workers often fill jobs unappealing to Americans, such as migrant farm work or low-paid unskilled labor.

Illegal immigration and undocumented workers make excellent targets for conservative politicians because these leaders know exactly the stupidity of Christian Republicans and sensationalize these illegals (mainly Mexican immigrants).

Welcome to America!

Welcome to America!

It's them raping, murdering Illegal Mexicans Who Are Destroying America, NOT Racist, Christian, Republican Liars Who Will Say Anything to Get a Vote!

Woody Guthrie, of The Great American Folk-Ballad: “This Land is your Land, this land is my land,” was Antifa. Now that Fox News considers even vanilla-flavored Democrats to be an enemy meriting genocidal elimination, please learn a little history and try to remember that many of our greatest artists were and are intensely anti-fascist — “Antifa” means “Antifascist.”Literally, that’s what it means LITERALLY!! Let that shit sink into your thick, illiterate, right-wing, Tucker Carlson-loving, racist, anti-vaxxing pieces of shit, skulls!

Republicans are Not the Brightest Bulbs on the Tree of Life

These people represent fascism at its most pure. Just because we wear polo shirts and khaki slacks doesn’t mean they are not what they are. Our Malignant Narcissist is as crazy as Germany's was, 1932–1945, but ours, thankfully, is much stupider — indeed ours is as dumb and disconnected from reality as are his followers — They seem to think they are in a video game where they can just hit “Play again” and all the mistakes they’ve made will be forgotten and erased. Stupid and crazy, is never a good formula for success.

Republican Politics: A Slow Death by Massive, Sweeping, Uncaring Cuts
What to do when you live in a culture totally centered on money?
You aren't really expecting a sane or reasonable answer, are you? Because the question itself begs you to ignore the madness implied by it. Here's a hint, though, next time yer referred to as a "producer" or "worker" or "consumer" Find the nearest mirror, squint into it and imagine that the dead you is looking back./figcaption

Joyful Hunger

The very nature of malignant narcissists, their evil and cruelty, makes the extraordinary harm they do, appalling to anyone with a sense of fair play and justice. One salivates with joyful hunger at the very hint of their coming punishment. A broke and broken old, ugly Tangerine Imbecile, unable to afford his spray-on hues or to get anyone to accept one of his rubber checks for their labor; a smorgasbord of retribution. In a perfect world, things would always work out this way — in this world, I’ll take my pleasures when and where I can find them, and I’ll eat my fill. Only you don’t care about your hair or your spray tan tune-up because, suddenly, you have a conscience, developed by some miracle overnight? And now you must decide where to start in making up for all the terrible damage and harm you’ve done to loved ones and strangers. Ruth Madoff drove for Meals on Wheels and she wasn’t even the villain.

Few of us would argue otherwise. When we’re honest, though, we must acknowledge that in some people this “value” is very difficult to find.

Sorry. I don’t make the rules, I’m merely reporting them.

Trump & My Pillow

Insurrections, Conceptions, & Headline Ejaculations

Mike Lindell claims Trump is optimistic about his delusional reinstatement fantasy.

This is such a relief to all of us MAGA-heads. Back on, my red hat. Back on, my “Fuck yer feelings Libtard” tee-shirt with a Q and a middle finger salute. The MyPillow guy is of course wrong (although, in the name of fairness, he has had to very occasionally make tiny adjustments to his timeline of dead-certain predictions). It ain’t every POTUS who has a Captain of Industry like Mike to help guide him through the troubled waters of that swamp others call fuckin’ reality. I’m ready for Rock The Capitol, Part 2 (The sequel) where we bring our guns this time and watch the military stand down in abject shame, taking a knee to Trump and Mike and Me. I seen it all in a dream. Things are lookin’ up!!! MAGA MAGA, MAGA!!!!

Mike is not alone in his delusion as Megyn Kelly Dismisses 1/6 Insurrection: ‘Just Some Losers Who Went Astray’

Megyn Kelly is proof positive that looks, a reasonably average intellect and unbridled ambition are no substitutes for a good heart, kindness, and compassion.

Come on Megyn, let’s call a spade a “sad little digging thing.”

The way we define the words we use and avoid using the language that makes us uncomfortable, especially because those new statements will contradict what we’ve previously said and are known for saying — is a form of lying. Not narrowly confabulation, denial, or omission, the BIG three, but in a class of its own. Similar to Fox News style, half-truth telling; giving viewers just enough information to form an incorrect opinion and think they are informed and knowledgeable when in fact they are dangerously misinformed and often willfully ignorant. Way to go Megyn, I know you were kind of a hero in Bombshell, albeit a hero who arrived VERY late for the fight and got more credit than was deserved in reality what with all your travails under Roger Ailes — but then again, that’s just what we’re talking about, right? Maybe Roger wasn’t a manipulative misogynist using his power to get laid, but rather a sad old fat guy looking for love — Maybe you were both just losers who went a “different” way. And BTW, Washington and Jefferson, Marx and Engels Mao and Ho Che Minh Castro and Che, were all losers who went the wrong way until, unlike Roger and you, they won.

And yet remember, 70M ‘Mericans voted for him as though he was more like Teddy Roosevelt than Adolph Hitler. This happened despite all the evidence, all the proof, all the clear, inescapable truth that The Tangerine Imbecile is clearly both mentally ill and intellectually inadequate — or to phrase it in a language he might understand: a nutty, fuckin’ dope. All living creatures have a survival instinct, cockroaches, rats and scorpions, poisonous snakes, and Tangerine-colored politicians/fake leaders with megalomania and sub-optimal I.Q.

Perhaps the worst delusion is the one Trump supporters suffer.

Nobody likes anonymous threats about being dragged from their beds and lynched. So this fuckin’ genius left his name and number on his threatened victim's voicemails. But it’s ok b/c he’s a Navy Vet & all. One has to wonder whether he chose six lawmakers to threaten to match his likely fav. national Holiday: The Jan 6, BIG patriot’s fun times, or if it was just pure good luck.

Either way, the depths of rightwing, white, MAGA entitlement, and the sense of license to do whatever their impulses suggest they want to do, know no bounds.

The nightmare never ends as normal Americans wrestle with the fallout of the Trump, MAGA, Republican grab for power. The Jan 6th Committee is done and indictments handed down Still, a percentage of idiots remained locked in the grip of the Tangerine Imbecile’s cult and refuse to see facts as facts and truth as truth — but we’ve always had stupid and crazy people and they seem to have a nasty way of rising, over and over again: think Adolph.

Now, 70-plus years later, we’re still rolling out this same shit that our patriotism is a good thing, and that the world is better for it. And 40% of my fellow citizens believe this enough to be fixated on making America great again by following a tangerine imbecile into his criminal madness. Many of these people hated FDR all their lives including each month when they cashed in their social security checks. Patriotism and nationalism are always bad and stupid, lazy and flawed and wrong. Ask the Germans or the Japanese at the end of their madness. Or just wait a bit longer and we’ll be able to ask ourselves at the end of ours.

Truth can stand up to the lies being perpetrated to combat it. Today, is Traitor Tuesday, let’s hope for and look forward to ‘Wallop ’em’ Wednesday and ‘fuck ’em up’ Friday and every day until facts and truth have separated themselves from wishful delusions and Tangerine Imbecilic madness enough to save us and our ways of living. Perhaps even enough to where we’re willing to let science save our planet and our lives — but then again, I don’t want to hope for too much.

The stupid and willfully ignorant have always been with us right up to and including the moments they kill, wreak havoc, or must be put down like the rabid dogs they are.

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