Potato Loser: Yeah, You!

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Potato Loser: Yeah, You!

You never know and you can never be too ready, or too unready enough

Your Death, yeah YOURS!
We’ve had people we knew well, and not nearly as well, die in strange and sudden ways.

A relative, heading down a steep stairway to check on the kittens, our next door neighbor lady’s sister’s husband crashing his bike into a tunnel wall, and those same neighbor (the man not his wife) telling his co-worker, “Time to wrap-up for the day,” and upon hearing the guy, he suffers a heart attack and falls off the bottom rung of the ladder: all dead before they hit the floor.

And you, if you think about it, know lots of people who became dead very suddenly, and in some cases, almost comically, although you can hardly ever
joke about it in good taste.

But what if one day you’re walking down the sidewalk, singing a happy tune
and munching a bag of delicious Cheddar-Cheese flavored Ruffles potato chips,
when suddenly from behind you an overloaded potato truck with Idaho license plates, with “Famous Potatoes” as the proud state motto, jumped the curb and squished the be-Jesus outta ya?

You think anyone would ever think or talk about anything else you ever did after something as hilarious as that? 

So anyway, have a nice day.

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Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

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