Conspiracy Truths 4 You

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Conspiracy Truths 4 You

Think About Time Before it’s 2 Late

Supposedly, Conspiracy theories are false or misleading explanations of events that involve a secret plot by powerful or malicious groups. Supposedly, they can be harmful in many ways, even if very few people believe them. On the other side of the same hand, however, too often people with secret agendas advancing their control and powers over the rest of us attribute important, indeed, earth-shattering, globally spiritual and REAL issues to the dustbin of conspiracy. Just think about it, if you are courageous and smart enough, you’ll see the truth.  

If I were to suggest to you that awakening to a digital clock that reads 1:11 a.m. or 4:44 a.m. is NOT the same thing as awakening to that same clock reading 1:07 or 4:51, you’d have to agree that, at a bare minimum, these numbers represent different moments in time, right? But what about if I then give you a complex numerical explanation for why such differences go vastly beyond simple numerology as it is mocked by less wise, less open-minded and less insightful people, would you be open to that?  


Or would you stick with people whose prejudices make it impossible for them to see the very clear proof and evidence as to why such matters cannot possibly be mere “coincidence” or “wishful thinking,” and if I were to persist in arguing this with you, smiling, nodding in agreement with every statement you made that I approved of and that supported my thesis, I might, much sooner than later, convince you of the rightness of “our viewpoint.” 

Here are some of the supposed dangers of conspiracy theories: 

Conspiracy theories are not harmless. They can have negative social impacts and pose serious risks to individuals and society. Therefore, it is important to be critical and vigilant when encountering conspiracy theories online or offline. 


Let’s be clear here, there is a cost to being “right” and part of that cost is having to dismiss people who are not as smart as we true believers are. We must be ready to get rid of people who are, quite frankly, inferior to us, because they lack our capacity for penetrating observation that sees through the obvious and the simple-minded acceptance of explanations for matters that only someone as deep and smart and special as we true believers can see and grasp. 

Back to our example above. We measure time with calendars and clocks and wrist watches and such. God doesn’t tell us we must measure time in this manner, it’s simply a human invention that nobody but maybe some ancient cave-dwellers or some Pharos type of guy from the olden days came up with for no reason. 60 seconds in a minute? 60 minutes in an hour? This had to be some Abyssinian hoton-poton, why not 100 seconds, why not 100 minutes, that’s nice and easy to get, but no, “60.”  

God never demanded that we use that number did he? You’ll never find it in the bible because it isn’t there!! And if it isn’t in the Bible, how important, true or real can it be? 1:11, 4:44, the holy trinity is 3, so how about 3:33? So, here’s the killer point: you’ll never find a single important event in all of human history that can be traced back to happening at 1:11 or 4:44 or 3:33. Why? Could it be because these are holy numbers, numbers separated by God, however you conceive him to be, to help those of us clear-sighted and clear-thinking and brilliant enough to see the obvious beauty and symmetry of their differences from numbers that lack this order, this clarity? I say, duh? Pretty obvious isn’t it? 

A lot of people were wrong about God and stuff in the past. Greeks, Romans, Pagans, all those guys using time in the totally wrong ways, 60 seconds, 60 minutes, for God sake people open your eyes!!! 

It’s not a conspiracy if you’re right.  

And it’s not wrong to see that what foolish and silly and less smart than we are folks are saying when they don’t understand something as clear as this time thing. Once you have grasped what I shall modestly refer to as GOD’S time symmetry value of same numbers truth, you’ll see that 1:11 and 3:33 are NOT the same in ANY way as 1:17 or 3:01, once you see how profound and important the proper understanding of this clear truth is, then you’ll know why and how people fooled themselves into NOT believing that Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy are BOTH still alive and that they are the actual biological sons of Jesus Christ and that John-John Kennedy (also still ALIVE) will be introducing them in Daly Plaza in Dallas in November on the anniversary of the fake, so called “assassination” of JFK, followed by the crowning of Donald J. Trump the new messiah and the son of Jesus and the king of the world.  

For crying out loud, get with it folks, the time is drawing near, speaking of which who made 12:00 such a big deal, whether high noon or midnight, and why? 12? 60? Satan numbers used to confuse us all and lead us away from truths only the chosen few of  “us” in the “U.S” (another coincidence? I don’t think so) are able to see and understand.  12? 60? Again, why not 10 and 100, easy numbers to remember in celebration of what time really means.  

Conspiracy theories huh? 

Guess again, losers. You’ll have plenty of time to think about this for all eternity in HELL while Jesus and JFK and John-John and Trump and I are dancing and laughing on your graves.  

Ha, Ha!!  

While you’re in the right mindset to see and hear THE TRUTH you might also like to consider the following and what’s REALLY going on: 

Some of the most popular so-called “conspiracy” theories in 2023 are: 

All false? Oh really? How can you be so sure? Indeed, look at them more closely, THINK about them and you’ll soon see how obvious the truth of them is...are...whatever.

You want more proof? FINE!! Here you go: I’ve passed through the Denver Airport many times and a time or two I got, shall we say “lost.” I started checking door handles and guess what, many of these doors, no sign or identifying markings on them, no numbers on them, never an even number like Room 111 or Room 333, indeed, never any number whatsoever. All these so-called “doors” were locked for no good reason--I mean, I had my ticket, my boarding pass, my government issued photo I.D. why would I NOT be allowed behind these locked doors? Can you tell me with 100% certainty that there was NOT an Illuminati meeting going on, discussing how to add a wing onto the existing airport without wrecking the swastika layout created for the benefit of alien visitors checking on us from on high? No, I thought not. If you can’t assure me with 100% certainly that means it either is or isn’t TRUE, which means that it’s a 50/50 deal, either true or NOT true — that's a lot different than 100% isn’t it?! 

Can you assure me, with 100% certainty that Bill Gates is NOT a liberal democrat pedophile who was friends with Jeffery Epstein who Donald Trump found out about and had killed in prison (Jeffery, not Bill)? Well, can you? No, of course you can’t. Again, a coin flip. 

Just one more thought or two for you before you go back to your blind, stupid, libtard existence or choose the path of glory and courage required to face the truths of our times by dealing with stuff like this: 

We flat earth society believers are people who advocate that the Earth is flat and deny its sphericity. We believe that the Earth is a flat disc with the North Pole at the center and a wall of ice, Antarctica, at the edge. We also believe that the Sun and Moon are much smaller and closer to the Earth than what mainstream science says, and that they move in circles above the flat Earth. We wisely reject any evidence that contradicts our view, such as photos of the Earth from space, satellite images, or gravity measurements.Such evidence is fabricated by a conspiracy of governments, space agencies, scientists, and media to deceive the public1234 

Some of the reasons why we believe in a flat Earth are: 

And by the way: 

We say BULLSHIT and FUCK all you Libtards—go to hell, see if we care!!!  

God Bless, though.

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