Big, Bad Bigot Ron DeSantis: Unveiling His Bigoted Policies

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Big, Bad Bigot Ron DeSantis: Unveiling His Bigoted Policies

Unmasking Ron DeSantis: A Deep Dive into His Bigoted Policies

America has a long history of loving bigots. And to paraphrase Tolstoy’s opening lines from his immortal novel Anna Karenina “all happy bigots are the same, all unhappy ones are unhappy in their own ways.” Not a Spoiler Alert, but Anna Karenina throws herself under the wheels of a powerful locomotive and gets squished to death at the end of her 874-page fuckin’ story. It’s one of the greatest melodramatic morality tales of all time, and as such, it should be required reading for ALL politicians who think they can mold fates and destinies. Are you listening, big, bad bigot DeSantis?

Who is Big, Bad Bigot Ron DeSantis?

Ron DeSantis is a prominent figure in American politics, currently serving as the Governor of Florida. Born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida, DeSantis is a member of the Republican Party and has gained significant attention for his conservative policies and controversial statements. He’s an ass-hat, but we’ll get to that a little later. As the Governor of one of the most populous states in the United States, his actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences. But if you’ve ever been to Florida, the place where DeSantis exclaims “Woke comes to die” and where he proves it by hustling for every bigot loving voter from all across the huge swaths of combative Floridian citizens, you’ll know what we’re about, when we tell you about “his gubernatorial honor.” Let's take a closer look at Ron DeSantis' political journey, his stance on various issues, and examine instances of bigotry associated with him. Dig out your barf bag, you’re gonna need it.

A Closer Look at Ron DeSantis' Political Journey

Ron DeSantis' political career began in 2012 when he was elected to the United States House of Representatives, representing Florida's 6th congressional district. During his time in Congress, DeSantis aligned himself with the conservative Tea Party movement and gained a reputation for his staunchly right-wing views. In 2018, he ran for Governor of Florida and won against his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum. Since taking office, DeSantis has garnered both praise and criticism for his policies, with some commending his efforts to promote economic growth and others expressing concerns about his stance on social issues.

Let’s be clear here, DeSantis’s gutsy war against the communist, smut-peddling monster of Disney World is only the best-known of his All-out-Attack against anyone who strays even a nano-inch away from the wisdom of Leviticus, in which Jesus proclaims his rage and homocidal vitriol towards anti “don’t say gay” perverts and whores.

Understanding Bigotry: A Brief Overview

Before delving into the instances of bigotry associated with Ron DeSantis, it is crucial to understand what bigotry entails. Bigotry refers to the irrational and unfair dislike or hatred towards individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. It manifests in various forms, including discrimination, prejudice, and racism. Bigotry not only perpetuates harmful stereotypes but also fosters an environment of division and inequality. With this understanding, we can critically examine the actions and policies of Ron DeSantis to determine if they align with such prejudiced attitudes. Another non-spoiler alert, it fuckin’ DOES.

Unmasking Ron DeSantis: Instances of Bigotry

Several instances throughout Ron DeSantis' political career have raised concerns about bigotry. One notable incident occurred during the 2018 gubernatorial campaign when DeSantis made a racially charged comment about his African American opponent, Andrew Gillum. During an interview, DeSantis urged voters not to "monkey this up" by electing Gillum, a statement widely interpreted as a racist dog whistle. This incident sparked widespread backlash and led many to question DeSantis' commitment to racial equality.

Another instance of bigotry associated with DeSantis relates to his stance on immigration. In 2019, DeSantis signed into law a bill banning so-called "sanctuary cities" in Florida. This law empowers law enforcement officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, potentially leading to increased racial profiling and discrimination against immigrant communities. Critics argue that this policy unfairly targets and marginalizes immigrants, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and fostering an environment of fear and division. But of course this is exactly what DeSantis and the GOP want, divide and conquer.

DeSantis and His Anti-Woke Stance

In recent years, the term "woke" has gained traction as a way to describe individuals who are aware of and actively address social injustices. However, Ron DeSantis has positioned himself as anti-woke, often criticizing those who advocate for social justice and equality. DeSantis argues that the "woke" movement promotes a divisive agenda and seeks to undermine traditional values. While it is important to engage in nuanced discussions about social issues, DeSantis' dismissal of the concerns raised by the "woke" movement raises questions about his commitment to inclusivity and equality. And Anna Karenina believed in true love triumphing overall, we’ll revisit that later too.

Ron DeSantis' Racist Policies in Florida

Ron DeSantis' tenure as Governor of Florida has been marked by policies that disproportionately impact communities of color. One such policy is the controversial voter ID law, which critics argue disproportionately affects minority voters who may face additional barriers in obtaining the required identification. This law has faced significant opposition, with opponents claiming it is a deliberate attempt to suppress the votes of marginalized communities.

Additionally, DeSantis signed a bill in 2021 that prohibits transgender girls and women from participating in women's sports. This policy has been widely criticized as discriminatory and transphobic, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and denying transgender individuals equal opportunities. The implementation of such policies raises concerns about DeSantis' commitment to equality and inclusivity, while ignoring genuine efforts at solving the problems. Telling a six feet four inch, two-hundred Twenty-five pound former University of South Florida running back that it’s okay for him to play on the women’s lacrosse team, isn’t an easy sell for even the most fair-minded progressives. But like all bigots always do, why slosh around in the ugly Florida swamps of nuance and fair play and genuine problem-solving when you can get more votes and win elections by simply calling Snow White a slut and the seven dwarfs her pimps—fuck a lotta Disney shit. We ain’t woke here and ain’t gonna be.

The Impact of Ron DeSantis' Bigotry on Florida

The policies and statements made by Ron DeSantis have had a tangible impact on the people of Florida. Communities that are already marginalized and vulnerable have been further disenfranchised by his actions. The voter ID law, for example, has made it harder for minority communities to exercise their right to vote, leading to a lack of representation and perpetuating systemic inequalities. Furthermore, the ban on transgender participation in women's sports sends a harmful message to transgender individuals, denying them the opportunity to participate fully in society. But these are not GOP voters anyway, so let’s just gerrymander them out of any say or power, old school Florida style.

Reaction to Ron DeSantis' Bigotry: News and Public Opinion

Ron DeSantis' actions and policies have not gone unnoticed. News outlets and public figures have been vocal in their criticism of his bigoted remarks and discriminatory policies. Many argue that his actions are antithetical to the principles of equality and justice that should guide political leadership. However, DeSantis also has a significant base of supporters who applaud his conservative stance and view his policies as necessary for the preservation of traditional values. The public opinion surrounding DeSantis' bigotry is divided, reflecting the polarization that characterizes much of contemporary American politics. Another way to phrase this, bigots have always and will always find a home so long as there are stupid, prejudiced, and misinformed voters (looking at you Fox fuckin’ news).

Addressing Racism and Prejudice in Politics

The prevalence of bigotry in politics highlights the urgent need to address racism and prejudice within political leadership. It is essential for elected officials to promote inclusivity, equality, and justice for all citizens. This can be achieved through education, awareness campaigns, and holding politicians accountable for their actions and statements. By actively challenging bigotry, society can create a more inclusive and equitable political landscape, and yes, we oughta do that, huh Ronnie?

A Call To Change Political Leadership

Ron DeSantis' political journey and instances of bigotry associated with him raises significant concerns about his leadership and commitment to inclusivity. As citizens, it is crucial to remain vigilant and demand accountability from our elected officials. The fight against bigotry requires collective action and a commitment to upholding the values of equality and justice. By unmasking bigotry in politics, we can strive for a more inclusive and equitable society.

In the End

Like cheating wives of 19th century Russia, Bigots almost always end up under the steel wheels of a powerful locomotive. Sure, they have their days in the sun being stupid: graduates of Trump University, or one of the founding “muthas” of Mom’s of Liberty or the Society of Dunning-Kruger I.Q. Test Cheaters (looking at you DeSantis and your fellow scumbag and former BFF Donald J. Trump), but in the end they almost always end badly. Ask Hitler. Ask Joe McCarthy. Ask George Wallace. Ask Leviticus.

Big, bad bigots are always looking the wrong direction, standing on the railroad tracks, puffed up with pride and self-righteousness, and certainty when the train catches them, it runs right up their asses.

At least Anna knew exactly what she was doing. She saw the train a-comin’ and accepted her fate as a consequence of very bad choices and destiny. I think you can read her story, if you want, big, bad bigot Ron DeSantis. I’m sure they have an abbreviated version in a classic comic book in the Disney World gift shop. Oh shit. Sorry, maybe you can get it online?

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