How Do We Define Success?

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How Do We Define Success?

Making $ is nice, but so are lots of other things

Ambition and Acceptance

On the surface
it seems to me
that ambition and acceptance
are on the same continuum.
There are
things we want and dream about and try for
(our ambitions)
and there are things
that never quite
come together,
which is where acceptance
comes into play.

It seems obvious,
which is which,
looking backwards
at the way our lives have moved from
want/desire/hopes/goals in our past
to where we have ended up:
I mean, every day we wake-up, climb out of bed,
look at the house we live in,
think about the time we spend doing shit
we don’t want to do
versus the time we spend doing
only what we want to do —
herein would seem to be the
proof and reality of
where ambitions have gone unmet
and acceptance seems required.

some people
appear never
able to settle
on that acceptance part.

They keep striving,
trying, hoping, dreaming
that if they just keep at it
their ambitions will be realized
and all their dreams will come true.

Never mind the absence of talent,
or the hopelessness and
unrealistic nature of the dream.

Here’s the real deal:
life unfolds
and your plans,
play little if any
role in how you
end up.

No need to thank me for this:
I get a kick out of writing
inspirational shit.

Still, you’re welcome.

Oh, and by the way,
The people I’ve met
as both readers and writers
here at Medium,
those who I read and edit
have added this stanza to my
life and work,
and I treasure them
as greatly
as all the high quality
cocktail napkins
I shoved into my pockets and down
my pants
at that WH visit
a few years back.

In other words
the journey doesn’t end
until you let it
or make it end

or until you die.

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