Insurrections, Conceptions, & Headline Inseminations

Insurrections, Conceptions, & Headline Inseminations

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‘Fascist traitors’: Maryland Democrat says Jan. 6 insurrection will forever stain Trump rioters.

So satisfying to finally hear: fascists called fascists; terrorists called terrorists; traitors called traitors. Being American doesn’t exclude you from being properly labeled what you are: Jan 6th Insurrectionists: fascists, terrorists, and traitors. Period.

Democrats have a massive opportunity with Capitol riot committee: Shove it down the GOP’s throat.

The GOP grilled HRC for 11 hours without tripping her up because their “investigation” was pure theatre and bullshit. How long should Pelosi et al continue the investigation into a traitorous insurrection of our nation’s capital that caused 7 deaths, was instigated by the Tangerine Imbecile and his flunkies' and nearly destroyed our democracy? I’m thinking December 2022 at least, maybe late November 2024.

They considered themselves an ‘anti-vax family’ — then they got COVID-19.

Funny how a taste of a deadly disease can turn a whole family into common cause with the vast majority of sane people living all around them in the best state in the union. (Full disclosure: I live in Spokane, about 140 miles from their home in Kennewick, WA.).

Hospitalized right-wing radio host in ‘very serious condition’ regrets not being ‘vehemently pro-vaccine’: Family.

He regrets not being pro-vaccine b/c is ass is still in the ICU, hanging on by a thread. On the plus side, all it took was his personal near-death experience to open his eyes. Fair enough, I suppose, but how many died taking your earlier advice?

Trump supporter who downplayed the pandemic and shared anti-vax statements dies of COVID-19.

These Anti-vaxxers jus’ keep droppin’ and droppin’. You don’t have to wish for justice to catch up with them — it just DOES. “Fuck masks! Fuck vaccinations! Fuck a lotta Pandemics! *cough...*cough...No I’m fine, MAGA, MAGA, MA . . .*cough...*cough!"

Doctor reveals what she tells dying COVID patients who beg for a vaccine after thinking the pandemic was a hoax.

I’ve been talking some bad shit at people refusing to get vaccinated. I’ve gone as far as feeling they’re gonna get what they deserve. I’m sure I’ll get back to that soon; but today I feel shitty myself, bad enough to remember what being sick feels like. And my friend Jack Gurian died yesterday from Covid and old age. Reading the doc’s story above referenced in the title, helped me find a sliver of compassion for the idiots who keep this plague going. Death wins when we see one another as the enemies and not death itself.

Mike Lindell: I talked to Trump and ‘he’s very positive’ about being reinstated

This is such a relief to all us MAGA-heads. Back on, my red hat. Back on, my “Fuck yer feelings Libtard” tee-shirt with a Q and a middle finger salute. The MyPillow guy is NEVER wrong (although, in the name of fairness, he has had to very occasionally make tiny adjustments to his timeline of dead-certain predictions). It ain’t every POTUS who has a Captain of Industry like Mike to help guide him through the troubled waters of that swamp other’s call fuckin’ reality. I’m ready for Rock The Capitol, Part 2 (The sequel) where we bring our guns this time and watch the military stand down in abject shame, taking a knee to T***p and Mike and Me. I seen it all in a dream. Things are lookin’ up!!! MAGA MAGA, MAGA!!!! Bonus coverage: Trump’s fake Arizona ‘audit’ is confusing, idiotic, and endless — which means it’s working as intended.

MAGA rioter’s hearing turns ‘ugly’ after she yells at judge while declaring herself a ‘sovereign citizen’.

There’re a lot of crazies facing criminal charges for their roles in the the insurrection of Jan 6th., but this woman, aside from being nuts, is so much fun to listen to. I understand her passion. I feel as strongly in the opposite direction, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t scream at the judge and the court that they have “no jurisdiction” over me as they apply the handcuffs and lead me mumbling and ranting back to my fuckin’ jail cell.

Trump praises ‘loving’ supporters who bludgeoned Capitol cops: ‘I wanted what they wanted’.

Just because the Tangerine Imbecile wanted an insurrection to overthrow an election & guvment, don’t mean he don’t LOVE ‘Merica and don’t mean he ain’t the only one who can fix it. He wanted just what the insurrectionists’ wanted: himself in permanent power to always fix it and stuff. Any fool who ain’t a dirty Antifa, libtard, snowflake can see this. MAGA MAGA MAGA! (Thus Spake Zarathustra albeit, through syphilitic corkscrews eating his brain).

Ted Lieu slams Megyn Kelly after she told him to ‘grow up’ over his concerns about the Capitol riots.

Megyn Kelly is proof positive that good looks, a reasonably average intellect, and unbridled ambition are no substitutes for a good heart, kindness and compassion.

Ted Lieu is proof that a good heart, kindness and compassion are no hindrance to the development of other desirable qualities such as class, humor and decency.

Texas man who called vaccines ‘poison’ dies from COVID-19 after spending 17 days on a ventilator

It doesn’t matter how fine a person you are in “most” matters. None of us are without sins (for you religious types) and flaws (for people who like reality). But the inability to spot false equivalency EG: “Murder and jay-walking, (samesies) and Faulty Parallelism, close enough to the same thing: Hitler and Obama, both were “leaders.” Can be a problem. I’m not even going to go into Basic Psychological Mindedness for Dummies, the ability to spot an insane, malignant narcissist from a plain old egotist: T***p vs Me. But here’s the deal if you choose not to believe science and get a vaccination, enjoy your funeral and/or those of the many friends and family you take with you.

‘Dumbest confession ever’: T***p mocked for denying ‘coup’ attempt by saying he’d never do one with Milley

And yet remember, 70M ‘Mericans voted for him as though he was more like Teddy Roosevelt than Adolph Hitler. This happened despite all the evidence, all the proof, all the clear, inescapable truth that The Tangerine Imbecile is clearly both mentally ill and intellectually inadequate — or to phrase it in language he might understand: a nutty, fuckin’ dope. All living creatures have a survival instinct, cockroaches, rats and scorpions, poisonous snakes and Tangerine-colored politicians/fake leaders with megalomania and sub-optimal I.Q.’s

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