Subtle Headline Reminders of GOP Madness As We Approach 2024

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Subtle Headline Reminders of GOP Madness As We Approach 2024

The TV Must Be Busted These Headlines Can’t Be True About Republicans

They oppose healthcare spending, civil rights, taxing the rich, and environmental conservation: sounds like the devil to me! Selfish, cruel, greedy, and destructive, the Republicans have no compassion for the poor, the oppressed, the sick, and the planet.

Here are the headline reminders of what you get when you vote Republican

Affordable & Free Healthcare Is Evil!

Healthcare Devil

Republicans believe free markets are more efficient and effective at providing better results and cost controls than government intervention. They argue that universal healthcare would stifle competition, innovation, and quality of care. They also fear that universal healthcare would lead to rationing, waiting lists, and bureaucracy. They are concerned about the costs and taxes of universal healthcare. and claim universal healthcare is too expensive and unsustainable, and that it would require higher taxes and spending cuts in other areas. They also doubt that universal healthcare would actually lower the costs of healthcare and that it would create more waste and fraud. They also claim to support the value of individual choice and responsibility over collective welfare and solidarity. They assert that universal healthcare would infringe on their personal freedom and autonomy and would violate their rights to choose their own healthcare providers and plans. They also contend that universal healthcare encourages dependency and irresponsibility and that it would undermine the work ethic and moral values of society.

Wow! Clearly, Obamacare caused irresponsibility and a loss of morals. Consider everything just stated and the absurdity clarifies. There are no waiting lists and no rationing of healthcare. The so-called Party of Life should be called the Party of Idiocy because they try to reduce all ideas to an economic state yet support many ideas that directly contradict their own thinking such as banning abortion, which reduces healthcare costs and poverty.

The GOP's branding of the Party of Life completely contradicts their opposition to universal healthcare.

Just like abortion, The Party of Life intends to roll back Obamacare using the Supreme Court. They just need to push the right case in front of the zealot Justices.

Bullies in the crosshairs of a righteous, angry soul

Loving Christians

For all you Trumpster, GOP, Republican fascists talking about a new ‘Merican “Civil War,” lest you may have forgotten, we’ve ALL got guns.

And just in case you think we snowflake libtards don’t know this and somehow missed this message, you very gently squeeze the trigger, after taking a quiet, calming breath.

Have a nice fuckin’ day.

Regarding the Mass Arrests of Insurrectionist Ass-hats

For years behind bars

Let’s make this real simple: Privacy Doesn’t. Exist. Any. Longer. If it ever did.

It disappeared as you posted idiotic pics of yerselves carrying trump flags and other symbols of your stupidity on Jan 6th, 2021.

And now you can proudly do your time, felons and other criminals, waiting patiently for the second coming of da lord and/or the Tangerine Imbecile — whichever happens first.

How’s that working out for you, btw?

Fuck you! And Buh-bye!

Free People Hunting Day—No Permit Required

Happy Independence Day! Did you get enough hot dogs?

But MAGA, the GOP and NRA ask you to remember the importance of “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state...”

And that this is abso-fuckin’-lutely needed You know, at least it was circa 1787–1789, somewhere in there, to repel The British forces from just marchin’ into yer doublewide and setting up camp and shit (see “Amendment 3, Housing of Soldiers”) We gotta save Lexington and Concord and other places, and even Utah if such place ever comes to exist in the distant future of the colonies…oops, I mean the states . . .

Yes, and none of this can be messed with in any way.




You betcha!

150 killed in 400 shootings?

That’s some pretty piss-poor marksmanship right there even for the Blunderbuss that I’m sure were the weapons of choice for this carnage.

Dress-up Day for Insurrections

Oh, I get it, laundry day, huh? Nothing else clean? Yeah, that happens sometimes. And those zip-ties on yer ammo-belt, just in case you happen bump into some Antifa terrorists?

Proud Boys in Hip, Fun New Dress-up Gear

Oh the pain and suffering these Jan 6th heroes go thru for their patriotic beliefs. I find it impossible to feel anything but contempt and annoyance for and with these Jan 6th Insurrectionists who insist on seeing themselves as heroes.

Being inconvenienced by your ankle bracelet, put on you so that you don’t have to rot away in prison or jail waiting for a trial you insist on having, is hilarious to me. I was arrested four times for Civil Disobedience and served a long weekend in a segregated cell, rather than pay a fine for the fourth arrest.

I’m aware that this isn’t quite Nelson Mandela’s 27 years of unfair incarceration, but neither did I get to be President of the nation I’d sacrificed so much to create when I got out like he did.

And, neither did I complain or whine or insist that somehow my beliefs trumped everyone else’s.

I accepted the consequences for my conduct and have embraced it as one of the prouder moments of my vita.

So, Proud Boys et al, shut the fuck-up and quit your wimpy shit. Your day in court will come soon enough and I only hope your punishment matches your traitorous crimes and conduct.

He Coulda Done Better Than C-minus if he hadn't had Vincent Write his paper

Easy graders when it comes to using headlines for titles and pursuing further poetic thoughts and feelings...

Sometimes, with the Tangerine Imbecile, there’s nothing more one can say.

Headline Histrionics

Time for a little reminder

Some folks like pretendin’ they can have slaves again.

For a good laugh or two Click on this headline about Trump’s ‘lost cause’ myth. For a reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re goin’, this headline is far less disturbing when you know these histories all the way to the end.

Despite the harm caused, neither the Confederate traitors, 1860–1865, their Nazi-fascist imitators, 1932–1945, nor the Jan 6th Insurrectionists had what you’d call real desirable final acts.

(Who the fuck has parents who can’t spell “Ashley”?)

Neither Horst nor Ashli, have been or will ever be remembered by history as anything other than what they are, dead losers.

When you get to the end of the article above you’ll remember that clown who recently took a nail gun to mow down the FBI in Cincinnati*

Like Ashli- & Horst-Face, just another dead guy hero and patron saint of violent fuckin’


The Price of Hate: Far-Right Extremists Struggle with Unemployment

When you decide to be a revolutionary you must accept that the range of consequences may be more serious than you’d anticipated. (Ask Nelson Mandela) Those of us on the Antifa side of the battle-lines already knew this, maybe some of you white supremacist jerk-offs shoulda studied your enemies a bit more closely.

Blue-Eyed GOP Idiot Boy Eats His Young

When you’re too big a liar for even Fox News, and you look like every evil, psychopathic frat-boy named “Lance” or “Biff” or “Bradley” in every teen Rom-com, here’s who you are, and here’s where you go.

Putin Dismisses Claims About Biden’s Mental Fitness: ‘He’s Sharp, I Assure You’

Hey, GOP and Fox News... Oops.

Putin Might Have Information To Blackmail Trump

What do MAGA and Hale-bopp have in common? Look to the stars above.

Everyone surprised by these “revelations” can stop reading now. And for sure don’t read the bonus coverage story at the bottom of this page either. After all The Tangerine Imbecile is a rich, powerful super-hero who can do no wrong and who is always telling the truth and is merely a victim of the lying fake news media, right?

One wonders, how long will you be able to cling to your delusions? That Hale-bopp crew in their purple work-out ensembles and fresh new shoes took it all the way to the end, and they’re riding a comet in heaven as we speak. Lucky suckers. MAGA MAGA MAGA

Proud Boys Face Strong Legal Cases: ‘We’re in Trouble!’

These fucking clowns act like they thought they’d be offered ambassadorships and ringside seats for the Tangerine Imbecile Second Inauguration, rather than prison sentences at Federal Correctional Institutions. Were they paying ZERO attention to T***p’s loyalty history? Hint-hint boyz he ain’t got one!

Columnist Concedes Error in Predicting Trump’s Downfall Due to Scandals

Yeah, a lot of us were “wrong” in a lot of ways about “The Tangerine Imbecile.” The right thing is to stop saying his fuckin’ name!

Boebert’s Comments on 1930s Germany Draw Scorn: ‘Go Watch Cartoons, Lauren’

For my many friends who think Twitter has no value. Check out how Lauren is faring just now. Just sayin’ no place does this shit on grifters, better than Twitter.

First Lady Jill Biden trumps Melania Trump with back-of-jacket message

Dr. Hippie mama vs Lyin’ Hootchie mama” “Love” vs “I don’t really care, do you?” Well since you ask, actually, yeah, I do.

Capitol Rioter Recants QAnon Beliefs in Court: ‘It’s All a Silly Pack of Lies’

Just remember, if one was a combatant in the Confederate States of America (1860–1865) and involved in the killing of 627K of his fellow citizens, all he had to do to regain full citizenship and rights is swear allegiance to the Union and promise not to bear arms against the country ever again. It’s kind of hard to justify punishing the Jan 6th insurrectionists who recant and admit their error worse than those earlier traitors.

Brian Williams on Trump Pants Comment: ‘It’s Not Body Shaming, It’s the Truth’

I love when an insult is denied and thus it’s not an insult. And nobody does it better than Glib Brian Dub.

Insurrection, INSURRECTION!!!

Jan 6th was an insurrection. Granted, it was by idiots for idiots but it was: “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” insurrection, insurrection, don’t call it protest don’t call it a fucking “peaceful” anything call it what we all saw it was and what we know and must never forget: AN INSURRECTION!!!!!!!!! Be for it, or against it, but don’t pretend it wasn’t what it was.

Let me make this as simple as I can...

The Orange Imbecile, whose name shall no more be spoken, says shit and we ignore him. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

And Hilarity Ensued

Boy oh boy, did those Jan. 6th insurrectionists ever show me new profiles in courage, commitment, and the power of positive thinking and true believing. You too, huh? Yeah, and the ubiquitous presence of their action pics all over FBI posters online and in post offices everywhere proves how really truly GREAT they are, (just like Josh Hawley) and have made ‘Merica GREAT again too!

Boy oh boy! see, hilarity, huh?

Open Letter to Tucker Carlson

You are a stupid piece of shit. Sincerely, Me

Still think Republicans are good people?

The TV Must Be Busted These Headlines Can’t Be True

There are clearly risks worth taking, troubles not only worth enduring but necessary to overcome a worse evil. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and MLK Jr.’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail are classic examples of what John Lewis had in mind when he spoke of making “good trouble.” You needn’t be a genius to attain a post-conventional level or moral reasoning and understanding — you simply have to live by what you know is right and wrong, not trading one wrong for a right or denying any wrongdoing. The GOP struggles with this simple logic, evidenced by members constantly appearing in headlines, despite proclaiming they hold the moral truth for everyone.

In Honor of Trump’s/GOP’s ongoing efforts to destroy the final vestiges of sense and sanity in the ‘Merican voting public’s hearts and minds, let us revisit this sterling, newsy shit packed with guilty Republicans.

Devil's Truth

Man who went on a viral racist rant denied bail by judge.

At the very end of this little article, the last line states; “The judge noted that Mathews’ 20 prior convictions played a role in his decision.” How dare that judge “legislate from the bench,” which, by the way, I only ever see mentioned when a judge uses some “legal technicality,” to go against what God wants me to believe. MAGA MAGA MAGA!!

Mike Lindell backs off Trump’s August reinstatement: ‘I didn’t say everything is going to change.’

Some day in America this TV-pillow salesman’s every idiotic utterance may fail to make headline news. Kind of like, someday, this could happen with that royal couple who moved to Canada or someplace, or that Tangerine Imbecile who keeps saying that no election should ever be decided by actually counting the fucking votes! Or all these MAGA Anti-vaxxers who decide, wayyyy too late, that maybe they should have worn a mask or gotten vaccinated after all. But that day in ‘Merica has not yet arrived. So enjoy the “I Love My Pillow” guy’s pontifications and predictions for our futures. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!!!!!

Late breaking bonus coverage, Possible replacement found for Trump’s Domestic Policy Team: ‘Go back to Africa’: Racist insists he was standing his ground after pulling knife on Black family at rest stop.

Trump’s delusional fantasy: He believed that the Democrats would replace Biden with Michelle Obama at the last minute, book reveals.

Doesn't it make you wanna throw-up a little bit in yer mouth to hear the Tangerine Imbecile’s and FLOTUS Michelle's names mentioned in the same breath or headline? Yeah, I know, me too.

QAnon-supporting Capitol rioter freed because he was too confused to know he was attacking the Capitol.

I thought I was blowing-up my ex-wife’s boyfriend’s car, not that other guy’s.” “Oh, okay, you can go home; you’re clearly all right.” “Thanks, yer honor.

Too dumb to plot an insurrection

Finally, The Tangerine Imbecile gets some fair and indisputably truthful coverage from someone in the media. For those who do not understand the headline, Republicans, Trump has no regard for the rule of law, the democratic process, or the welfare of the people. He is easily manipulated by others who have more sinister motives and agendas. The headline conveys a sense of contempt and ridicule for the leader, as well as a warning and a call for action against the leader’s attempts to undermine the stability and security of the nation.

Got it now, dummies?

Sidney Powell’s final outburst ‘Extremely unwise!’

Okay, all you writers & readers, unsurprised that these great Trump legal minds are totally fucking themselves over in their own court appearances, please line up and laugh your asses off. If you didn’t have a great sense of humor you wouldn’t be writing for us or reading us! But if you need a nudge remember Giuliani's brown, streaking hair dye (supposedly, Just For Men, but who knows where that head of his had recently been deposited?) The show goes on. The circus never leaves town. The fun never stops.

Victim begged to die, says South Dakota Republican accused of fatal hit and run.

This one is just too rich. Read it & weep or laugh or both. Hit a Just found the dead guy laying around... um okay, nope He WANTED me to run him over, so I stopped texting while driving long enough to accommodate him, (Gandhi-esque of me, huh?) Oh, yeah, and BTW, this perp is AG of SD from GOP/MAGA un-fuckin-believable! The entitlement of these assholes!

‘You’re going to die tonight’: New video shows Capitol rioters brutally assaulting officers and dragging them down steps

Pretending that something is not what we know it to be, is a bad idea How anyone can forget what happened in the Jan 6th attack on our nation is not as surprising to me as the “why” is disappointing, I hate to think about ugly shit too, but we must remember it all the what and the why. And we must stop denying what we know to be true: The insurrectionists were traitors to the UNITED states of America. Revolution is revolution whether led by fascists or otherwise. And if you’re going to revolt at least have the courage to stand by what you profess to believe. “You’re going to die tonight” was NOT a casual aside, it was a fascist promise and a fascist threat.

Here’s why America can’t have ‘nice things’

This explanation is so clear and obvious and I don’t grasp how anyone can read it (just click on title) and be confused in any way.

Evil Exists & We Must Combat It: Be Sure You Are Fighting on The Right Side

Dollar Devil

Just remember that the GOP is morally corrupt and evil and their actions and beliefs contradict the common good and values of humanity. Anger and condemnation for Republicans is what you should feel along with a willingness to challenge their ideology and agenda. If you don't feel this way, you need to take a hard look at yourself if you are capable because the Republicans are not angels, – not even close.

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