Nicolle Wallace & Me in Our Riot Gear

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Nicolle Wallace & Me in Our Riot Gear

Nicholle has Called the right-wing’s bluff on Antifa being behind the Jan. 6 attack

I got no memo at all.
Maybe the new, younger Antifa
are tired of old Boomers like me?
But in any event
I missed my invite.

I’ve Kinda got an Antifa Crush on Nicolle Wallace

If it HAD been Antifa
And we were behind
the riotous insurrection of Jan 6th, why’d I miss it?
I’ve always claimed and owned
with numerous arrests
and even a long weekend in jail —
So when we’re ready
to go beyond burning down
Taco Bells and rich white people’s shit
I want to know about it!
in any event
I missed my invite
and thus missed my chance to be
on my beloved Nicolle’s
x-mas card list
in the years to come.

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By Abovfold - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, 

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