The GOP Sociopathic Brady Bunch Illusion

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The GOP Sociopathic Brady Bunch Illusion

The Christian Bunch

🎶 One day Trump met some GOPers
He knew they were as dumb as a stump
So he became their party's leader
And that's the way they became the Christian Bunch. 🎶

🎶 The Christian Bunch,
The Christian Bunch,
That's the way they became the Christian Bunch. 🎶

GOP’s Plan to End Democracy Exposed: First Bring it to a Standstill, Then Destroy it

Is it worth believing in a system where you risk the powers you want and have, simply to support the system that provided you those powers in the first place?

What’s the point of power in a situation where you have had it but as a result of that very system by which you attained that power somehow you no longer have it?

These can sound like tricky questions if you choose to believe they are that.

And they can sound black and white:

What’s the point of power if you don’t have it? Why support a system in which you can lose what you most want to have? If you know you’re right why quibble with others who you know are wrong?

Democracy vs autocracy = bad Democracy vs power = not quite so clear. More power vs less power = Easy-peasy

Black Man Knocks Out Racist Off-Duty Cop at Wedding

Some people just can’t take a joke ...

The majority of white people I know, including GOP/MAGA types, don’t consider themselves racist and are offended when being confronted with it.

We whites are happy to assure other whites, that we don’t have a racist bone in our pasty-white bodies.

It’s convenient and comforting, as a white person, to decide what is racist and what isn’t.

Being father to a son who is a person of color Has never been as big a challenge as during these years of the MAGA run, even though by 2016, my son had already graduated from college and enjoyed and is still enjoying a great career.

Drunken Tanner Holt, you may recall, (Is that a perfect name for a white quarterback or what? — but I digress) Drunken Tanner, the 22 year old off-duty cop harassing the black wedding guest, was knocked unconscious with a single punch,


Turns out that Tanner Holt’s consideration of what was racist likely differed from the guy with whom he was sharing his rapier wit and amusing banter. To wit, BLAMMO.

And Tanner, we know you thought all your jesting would be and should be taken in good fun, after all you didn’t mean it to be racist, because in your sense of yourself you’re not racist at all, right?


I guess we’ll just have to ask him ...

after he wakes up.

MSNBC’s Eddie Glaude Clashes with Christopher Rufo Over Critical Race Theory: ‘I’ll Say it to His Face!’

This is easy, just listen-up ... Not the the black guy though, FFS!

We white guys, especially we older ones, wise senior counselors of life, can tell you everything you need to know about white supremacy and race matters and it all boils down to Critical Race Theory which as it so happens, is very, very BAD. There you go. You’re all set now. Yer welcome.

Winston Vs. Donald (Trump not Duck)

Ignorance of history can be a big problem

If you think that the Tangerine Imbecile is some kind of American Churchill (brusque, egotistical, uncompromising), you clearly don’t understand fascism vs democracy — Education vs Arrogance — psychopathology and ignorance vs and the power of knowledge and courage — decency and honor vs the absurdity of bullying and bombast — Humility vs spray-tanning and comb-overs — And I’m afraid nothing anyone can do will help you. Test it yourself: ask any German alive back in 1946 and they’ll tell you what’s coming if the disaster of you getting what you wish for happens. Or study a little history and you’ll see that Hitler & Trump make a far better comparison — or go back to Rome and Caligula if you really want to grasp reality.

The GOP is a bunch of Sociopaths

Republicans want you to believe life is supposed to be an episode of the Brady Bunch. They want you to believe that living by Christian values will make you a better person and fix all the problems of our society. In the world they demand you live, they want you smile when you are unhappy, have faith despite it not solving anything, and to just keep working hard to achieve the perfect Brady family life.

What is the perfect Brady Life, you ask?

Well, it's an America where white people live in harmony with occasional family hijinxs and white lies that make humorous anecdotes in the someday. Other races make occasional appearances, but not the "ghetto" Blacks, who speak in slang but the upstanding docile Blacks who are more like props than people: inoffensive and brief. A wondrous Brady Life has no father living a closeted gay life to maintain his career because gays don't exist. The same Brady Life has no teenage daughter so frightened of her appearance she needs to down quaaludes with cocaine to be normal. Everyone is happy and loves Jesus and Trump and grows into this: 

Yes, this the Brady Life filled with acceptance, love, and all those other Christian values you have been awaiting!

I try not to be controversial on social media but it’s hard to back away when someone knocks on American values. I really just want to protect them. ~Susan Olsen on FOX News

Thanks, Susan, for giving us the great American Brady Life! Now, let's see what else is in store for us in this very Brady Nation. 

As Grand Jury Proceeds, Trump’s Lawyer Insists Ex-President is in the Clear

In the clear? LMAO! I. Don’t. Fuckin’. Think. So. Al Capone got away with murder, but between IRS and STD’s ...Let’s just agree that “in the clear” means different things to different people.

Wisconsin Newspaper Calls for End to Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims as Key GOP Figure Distances Himself”

Not to make this about me, but making this about, well, ME...

I have a love/hate relationship with Wisconsin; Rock County, just south of The Socialist Republic of Madison was the congressional district, back in the day, of Paul Ryan of GOP infamy. My novel Stuck in Neutral was briefly banned from use in the schools there. The bad cheese-heads eventually failed, but not before I had to join the fight, travel to Wisco and smoke a lot of pot with old, dear friends. Speaking of substance use and abuse an angry mother in Rock County SD, baked a tray of brownies for the school board meeting held to discuss my novel, and when it was her turn to speak she placed the pan of brownies on the school board’s table and stated, “There’re a lot fine ingredients in theses brownies but there is also DOG POOP!!” Her point, (rather cleverly made if you ask me), regardless how much good stuff was in my novel it had DOG POOP in it too “DOG POOP!” she screamed. There were no takers on the brownies. But being as stoned as I happened to be, I must admit, I was a tiny bit, only very briefly, Tempted.

MAGA Rioter Requests Release Citing Lack of New Violent Rebellions for Six Months”

Listen, for crying out loud, to my please...

And Ted Bundy said he should be freed b/c during the entire time he was incarcerated no young women with long dark hair were raped, murdered or cannibalized that he knew of anyways. Wait...What? Umm, no savaged victims in prison or out and besides you can’t undo a supposed bad thing AFTER it’s already happened (if it was even a bad thing) so Ted’s willing to live quietly in his mom’s basement and...Ummm...never mind.

QAnon Congresswoman Criticized for Giving Supporter an AR-15 Pistol

Just when you thought that stupidity couldn’t possibly be more pure and horrifying’ than allegiance to the Tangerine Imbecile, we get to watch someone proudly proclaim that their Q-anon reality is well-armed and ready to rumble. You can’t make this shit up, anymore than you can escape it’s pure idiocy and madness.

Lauren Boebert Criticized for ‘Pathetic’ Father’s Day Tweets

As a proud wonderful father myself and an equally ashamed and horrible one — I’m gonna take this question for Laura, Our answer: “Fuck no we can’t; if we coulda we woulda!” Yer welcome, dipshit.

Realtor Flew In Private Jet to DC to Support Trump: Faces New Charges for Capitol Riot

“Riker’s Island, how may I help you?”

“Howdy Pardner, I’m inquiring about extended stay plans for your facility.”

“Yes, Mam, how long are you planning to be with us?”

“I’ll tell ya lil’ Buckeroo, kinda hard to say jus’ yet, maybe a fairly loonngggg visit.”

“Not to worry Mam, we’ll accommodate you.”

“Jus’ one more thang darlin’ do ya’all have jacuzzies in yer on’ suite deluxe units, and parkin’ hanger spots for private jets an ...”

“ I said Mam, We’ll take care of you; I hope you like chipped beef on white bread.”

“I’m Texan, Sir, we like everthang!!”

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