Mediocre, Maga, GOP Man & The 2024 Election: Killing Your kids to own the Elitist Libs

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Mediocre, Maga, GOP Man & The 2024 Election: Killing Your kids to own the Elitist Libs

Hey fellow Maga, GOP and 2024 election aficionados, as the upcoming holiday season (despite the libtards theft of Christmas) and White-Pilgrims-Own-You-Redskins-Day approaches let’s get back to a few basic tenants of our faith and belief because after all, what you believe and what makes you happy is all that matters in life. Back to basics.

Let’s say your kid, whether 13 or 5 years old, needs a kind of tricky brain surgery. You have a choice between the most “elite” brain surgeon in the world, or a very average brain surgeon who also does side work in podiatry you know, bunions, planter fasciitis etc. Or let’s consider that you have even further options and as a money saving choice you may pick the doctor with the very worst record of patient survival and full recovery (especially child patients). Again this is YOUR kid, the same one you are protecting from CRT and filthy books that talk about S-E-X and other naughty things. Some Elite, Mediocre, or flat-out shit?

But wait the elite brain surgeon is also a registered Democrat and gives money to places like the ACLU and Amnesty International—he’s a Jew or black or a woman or one of those guys with a towel wrapped around his head who likely cheered when his biddies knocked down the twin towers on 9/11. He is also clearly a bleeding-heart lib-tard and the only thing he’s supposedly really great at is brain surgery on kids. In fact, he’s so good at it that he’s called “elite,” like that’s a good thing!

I know what you’re thinking—fuck that elitist bastard with all his big deal reputation. Gimme the very mediocre doc with the right values and stuff, or gimme the cheapest doc available because after all even though he finished dead last in his medical school graduation class, he still got to change his first name to “Doctor.” Either of them might be just fine, you know, oh and by the way, both the mediocre Doc and the worst ever are members of the Flat Earth Society, have voted every chance they get for Trump and GOP Trump/Maga candidates for everything from school boards, to dog catchers to Congress. So, yeah one of them oughta be your guy all right. I mean sure you like your kid well enough, but values and principles are what matter most.

FUCK them elites.

I decided to do a little research into elites and the myriad ways they do harm to hard-working average folks like us:  here's a few things to consider:

  • Elites have the expertise, experience, and resources to make informed and effective decisions for the common good. Because, you know, they are so smart and benevolent, and they always know what’s best for us.
  • Elites can provide stability, continuity, and order in a complex and changing world. Because, obviously, they are the only ones who can handle the challenges and risks of modernity, and they never make mistakes or abuse their power.
  • Elites can represent the interests and preferences of the majority of citizens, who often agree with them on policy issues. Because, of course, they are so in touch with the people and their needs, and they never manipulate or ignore them.
  • Elites can foster innovation, creativity, and progress by supporting research, education, and culture. Because, clearly, they are the only ones who can produce and appreciate high-quality knowledge and art, and they never stifle or exploit them.

Of course, these arguments are not universally accepted, and there are also many criticisms and challenges to elite theory. Some people may prefer a more democratic, participatory, and egalitarian system of governance. But what do they know? Ultimately, the question of whether elites are positive or negative depends on one’s values, beliefs, and goals. And who has better values, beliefs, and goals than the elites? 🙄

Okay, I’ll tell you who: WE DO!!!

Whether we are talking about your child's brain surgery, your car’s transmission problems, your favorite sports team’s performance on Sunday or Thanksgiving dinners, elites are a pain in the you-know-what. Your egg-head “college graduate” smarty pants relatives argue with you about politics and science and media and headlines and every other friggin’ thing under the sun and they are equipped with “facts” and fancy words and stuff that confuse you (speaking of which, what do “youth-in-Asia" have to do with suicide anyway?) 

Let’s be honest, although you may not do this yourself (at least not yet), you sure can understand why some of your good old working-Joe type uncles or grandpas retreat to a back room at the joyous holiday celebration when you can hear them rack that double barreled shotgun, right?

Let me tell you a little story about mediocre folks...

The Mediocre Man

There once was a man who was very mediocre. He had a mediocre job, a mediocre house, a mediocre car, and a mediocre family. He was very happy with his mediocrity, because he never had to worry about anything. He never had to work hard, or take risks, or face challenges. He never had to learn new things, or improve himself, or change his habits. He never had to deal with failure, or criticism, or competition. He never had to dream big, or pursue his passions, or make a difference.

He was content with his mediocrity, because he believed that mediocrity was the best way to live. He thought that mediocrity was safe, comfortable, and easy. He thought that mediocrity was normal, natural, and acceptable. He thought that mediocrity was good, right, and noble.

He was proud of his mediocrity, because he looked down on those who were not mediocre. He despised those who were successful, because he thought they were greedy, arrogant, and selfish. He hated those who were creative, because he thought they were weird, eccentric, and rebellious. He feared those who were different, because he thought they were dangerous, threatening, and evil.

He was loyal to his mediocrity, because he refused to listen to anyone who challenged his mediocrity. He ignored those who encouraged him to grow, because he thought they were naive, foolish, and unrealistic. He rejected those who inspired him to change, because he thought they were manipulative, dishonest, and hypocritical. He resisted those who offered him opportunities, because he thought they were risky, uncertain, and scary.

He lived his whole life in mediocrity, and he died in mediocrity. He left no legacy, no impact, no memory. He was forgotten by everyone, even by himself. He was a mediocre man.

And he was very happy.

You get it?

He was very happy. Need we say more.

So, yeah, back to where we started, you have to make a decision about your kid’s brain surgery—or let’s say you either don’t have any kids or if you do have them they don’t need brain surgery (or any podiatrist expertise for that matter, at least not right now). Are you going to teach your kids right from wrong? Are you going to encourage them to think they are BETTER than you, to believe in elitist values that are WRONG? Of course, you’re not. 

Just what kind of kids do you want to raise? The kind of kids that would rather have some liberal elite brain surgeon do his or her surgery or a good “meat and potatoes” type of sawbones, a salt of the earth Doc like the kind they had back in the day when America was GREAT and all the Docs did house calls and smoked and could be counted on to always do the right thing, well, almost always anyway.

Just what kind of kid are you raising, a good person or a bad person because as we all know there is no middle ground, no shades of grey, no other option, it’s all simply good or bad? Just what kind of person are you and your family, what kind of values do you hold most dear? Are you a good, upstanding Christain, church-going, A-okay normal person or not? 

Once again, let’s proudly own our mediocrity and accept its superiority to elite libtard b.s.

Why Mediocrity is the Best Value

Have you ever wondered why some people are so obsessed with excellence, achievement, and innovation? Why do they waste their time and energy on pursuing lofty goals, challenging themselves, and creating something new? Don’t they know that mediocrity is the best value?

Mediocrity is the value that celebrates being average, ordinary, and unremarkable. It is the value that embraces being satisfied, complacent, and comfortable. It is the value that rejects being ambitious, curious, and adventurous. It is the value that protects us from being disappointed, frustrated, and unhappy.

Mediocrity is the best value because it is easy, safe, and convenient. It does not require any effort, risk, or change. It does not demand any learning, growth, or improvement. It does not expose us to any failure, criticism, or competition. It does not challenge us to any dream, passion, or purpose.

Mediocrity is the best value because it is normal, natural, and acceptable. It is what most people do, think, and feel. It is what society expects, rewards, and approves. It is what culture shapes, influences, and reinforces. It is what we are born with, raised with, and die with.

Mediocrity is the best value because it is good, right, and noble. It is what makes us humble, modest, and polite. It is what makes us loyal, obedient, and conformist. It is what makes us peaceful, harmonious, and cooperative. It is what makes us moral, ethical, and virtuous.

Mediocrity is the best value because it is superior to any other value. It is better than excellence, which is greedy, arrogant, and selfish. It is better than achievement, which is stressful, exhausting, and boring. It is better than innovation, which is weird, eccentric, and rebellious. It is better than any higher ideal or elite viewpoint.

Mediocrity is the best value because it makes us happy. And happiness is all that matters in life.

So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone persuade you to strive for more. Don’t let anyone inspire you to change for the better. Don’t let anyone offer you opportunities for growth.

Just be mediocre.

Yeah fellow MAGA, GOP, salt o’ da earth voters and fellow average folks, let’s make the right choices here. If we have to kill a few kids to own the libs I say, you betcha, let’s go for it. It worked with our anti-vax movement, lots of folks sacrificed their lives for their beliefs.   And you know where all those good mediocre, average, dead folks are right now, that’s right, they are playing board games in heaven with baby Jesus and his crew,  surrounded by angels playing eternally in-tune harps as youth from Asia who killed themselves are roasting over eternal flames in HELL.

Once again, and with passion, be happy, after all your happiness is all that matters. 

MAGA, MAGA, MAGA. Rack that shotgun Uncle Joe, we got some Elitist Libtard huntin’ to do! 

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