By Any and All Means, AVOID Twitter...or the Near Occasion of it.

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By Any and All Means, AVOID Twitter...or the Near Occasion of it.

We hope you’ll join us at our new sites

I was on Twitter long enough (several years) to build up over 7K followers. I left it to pour my interest into Medium, which if I have this right came as kind of an offshoot of Twitter where I have more than 3K followers.

A fellow writer I met here on Medium Vincent Triola and I have been working together to try and develop a new and more successful approach to finding readers for our work and home for that work.

In addition to gathering the best of our Medium and other pieces together into e-books and PB on demand publications via Amazon, we are, thanks to Triloa’s brilliance at SEO and all manner of online savvy, developing new web pages where our work can be presented in a more effective manner.

Please support us and our efforts to expand and move forward in this work we are all doing.

Our first new webpage is here:

Just Weighing

Christian Pollution

What is happening to Twitter now, the Musk ruination of it, can happen to any online site, including Medium — nothing lasts forever and the best way to deal with changes is to already be working and planning on one’s next move.

If our new approach for dealing with the changing world of reading, writing, publishing and being published proves worthwhile, we may be setting-up a structure for all our friends on Medium to follow — it starts with your support, so please join us.

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