Filthy Beauty of Inelegance Book

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Filthy Beauty of Inelegance Book

There can be no doubt beauty is extrinsic and intrinsic. The beautifully sculpted person and the depth of flesh show this shallow but powerful force. Beauty draws us, gravitating us around, nearly blind to what lies beneath. Inner and outward differences reveal an elegance manifesting in all things. The dancer's motion and the gory ruins of the accident, the thin line separating the hideous from the beautiful. (If you reached this link looking for an article, that page is now in this book. Thanks.)


Simplicity’s Hideous Inelegance

Beauty’s Path Uncle Walt, Father Abraham, & You
O Evil You
The Beast
The Beast of Perfection
Filthy Beauty and Love

Filthy Beauty

I Don’t Know if This is True or not?
Fat, Ugly, Good Listener
Friendships End in Myriad Ways
Opposites Don’t Attract
Heroism Project: How Getting Old Impacts Our Writing
Who are you –– really?

Whispering In The Confessional

Inner Beauty
Seeing Beauty
The Virtue of Hate
Mommy Whore
We Know, Now, Who Ratted-Out Anne Frank
Dreams of Death
The Most Important Things You Must Recognize
Beauty’s Truth
My Friend Mary Randlett

The Truth of Lies

Still Wondering Why Mom Hates You?
Take Your Zoloft
John Lennon Learned the hard way that when you die, your sales spike, HUGE...
Descartes is full of shit, Jordan Peterson’s an ass, & we’re all Locutus
A Master-take on Beauty, Filthy & et al. 

Just Weighing Separator

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