Marilyn Monroe, Aren’t We All Her?

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Marilyn Monroe, Aren’t We All Her?

Sometimes weeping tears of blood just ain’t enough

I had such a crush on Marilyn Monroe
when I was a pubescent teen
hiding out in my basement bedroom
with the door locked.
These days, though,
do you ever wonder, 
given how little $
you make here online,
given how hard it is to build
a big following,
given the statistical reality
presented by #’s of “views”
#’s of “reads” of your work,
(never mind fuckin’ “fans”),
given all of the above
and so many other truths
and factors
out of your control
but loaded with
disappointing arrows
all pointing,
in the direction of your failure
and irrelevance here,
and more broadly applicable to
your position in life, generally —
Do you ever wonder,
fellow pilgrims of the words,
WTF you’re doing this for?
And why you ever idealized
Marylin Monroe so much?
Do you ever wonder
may, you know,
kinda miss you altogether,
along with fame and
an income adequate to help
you manage your expenses,
and how you’ll never know
how miniscule a difference
such great fame and wealth
woulda played in your life anyway?

I’m sure Marilyn,
despite her good run,
felt the same
at the end of herself,
And I doubt that
Elton John’s shitty song about her
would have helped much.

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