The Simple Pain of Human Relationships

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The Simple Pain of Human Relationships

Human relationships

as Bukowski
once observed,
discouraging at times.
Whether in the realm
of political viewpoints,
personal conduct,
coming to a dinner invitation on time,
saying, “It’ll just take a second, Hon,”
“It’s not a big deal, but can you help me move?”

A special category to me is
parents who think everyone else
must be enjoying,
as much as they do,
their children’s
“adorable antics.”
In this list of disappointments
we can ferret out our special hell
without even trying,
because the choices
are endless.
That said,
it might be better not
to ask me how I’m feeling today.
You don’t want to hear it
any more than I want to think about,
much less discuss it,
but I can assure you
it won’t end-up
with a “have a nice day”
either given

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