The Truth of Lies

Lover's Cross

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Lover's Cross

From Blackheart: Love is a Whore

Note: Triggering

Inscriptions III.

I can’t hang on no lover’s cross
Take your thorns and accept your loss
Life is the coin and toss
You can keep your sorrow and your loss
I can’t hang on no lover’s cross.

Woman, don’t even act out that play
You knew that first day
The man I was, my evil way

Woman, don’t even act out that play
Like you’re the victim for to say,
“He was bad and made me go astray!”

Woman, don’t even act out that play
You knew that first day
The man I was, your evil way.

Lover’s Cross

Your life was over at the age of five
When your Daddy put his dick between your thighs
Christ! I couldn’t count the times
That I heard your weeping eyes
Feel sorry for me!
Hold me, love me!
Tell me that you care for me!
Christ I can’t think of why
Why with you I had to try.


You are typical of most of the whores I’ve known
You want relationships to be
The perfect thing
No arguments
Not one trouble’s sting
You put out from your thighs
Not from wisdom’s eye.


You acted like you were my mother
Preaching like too principled a lover
“Don’t you steal, it’s not a need!
“Don’t you deal, it’s a bad deed!”
But you sure as hell had no qualm
When you held the money in your palm.


Those first two semesters
I had no inclination for your wounding
I really wished your mending
But you wouldn’t stop your whining
I played your little game
Let you believe you made me tame
You’re so foolish
And you’re to blame.


I fucked you for a while
And feasted to my fill
I took all I could
Drinking from the purest still
Until I was drunk with passion’s drink
Tired of your bitching, moaning and romantic stink
Get the fuck out and stay away.
This I was more than glad to say.


I heard you scream when I told you to go away
Outside your door, your final weeping play
I was so dulled to your sorrow’s violence
I stood a moment in thinking silence
Then laughed and laughed away.

Virgin Whore

You begged for it little virgin whore!
You wanted to know what love was for
You wanted to feel the passion’s lore
Oh, woman
I gave you more than you ever bargained for
My love was a sword!
My hips were jack hammers to gore!
You said, “Stop!”
I gave you more.


Do you understand?
That I’m not a man
That I am an animal
My love is a cannibal
I liked tasting your flesh
Working your body
Making it sweat
Going down on you
My tongue moved so rude
And when your struggles lacked
The passion’s fighting flack
I gave you my hand’s back
Across your ass, across your face
My love was your disgrace.


I treated you like any whore
I fucked you hard and loved you little.


I never loved you
Not even when I wanted to help you
You were just on the list going down
Another fuck, another lust
You were just my groin’s luck
Just another slut in my loin’s vicinity
Too bad you sacrificed your virginity.

Advice to You

Let me depart with a word or two
A little advice from me to you
Stop believing, start deceiving
Forget your pain it’s just a game
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you gain
Let Satan be your master
Don’t be kind — be a bastard
Love everything that’s wrong
Hate everyone
Be forever strong
See you around,

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