Headline Histrionics

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Headline Histrionics

Time for a little reminder

Some folks like pretendin’ they can have slaves again. 

For a good laugh or two
Click on this headline...

GOP fueling dangerous cycle of extremism by embracing Trump’s ‘lost cause’ myth: historian.

...for a reminder
of where we’ve been
and where we’re goin’,
this headline is far less
disturbing when you know these histories
all the way to the end.

Despite the harm caused,
neither the Confederate traitors, 1860–1865,
their Nazi-fascist imitators, 1932–1945,
nor the Jan 6th Insurrectionists
had what you’d call
real desirable final acts.

(Who the fuck has parents
who can’t spell “Ashley”?)

Neither Horst nor Ashli,
have been or will
ever be remembered by history
as anything other than what they are,
dead losers.

When you get to the end
of the article above
you’ll remember that clown
who recently took a nail gun
to mow down the FBI in Cincinnati*

Like Ashli- & Horst-Face,
just another dead guy
hero and patron saint
of violent fuckin’


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