Much of life remains mysterious and undefined, even common ideas, such as love, beauty, morality, and many more. Here we explore those mysteries, seeking clarity.

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Love's Impermanence

Love’s Impermanence

Nothing lasts forever. Is love so potent for knowing it is fleeting or for wanting it to last?

  • Just Weighing – Reel v Real

    Reel v. Real

    Sometime story mimics reality, but not often.

  • Starring Role

    Living in your own private Hollywood turns life into a movie filled with great disappointments.

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Just Weighing – Traumatic Blessings

Traumatic Blessings

From disaster we seek posttraumatic growth. Is positive growth possible from traumatic experiences such as accidents, catastrophes, illnesses, & other major stressors?


Quiet Quitters & Slackers

Praising the Quiet Quitters & Slackers because if the only intent of a job is to make money to survive, modern civilization truly sucks. 

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Just Weighing – Diets Health & Other Fantastic Lies

Diets, Health, & Other Fantastic Lies

Healthy Truth & Diet Bullshit